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End of life care - End of life care: coping financially

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Money can be a worry if you or a family member need to take time off work due to illness or to care for someone. But there are sources of support.

A hospital social worker or community social worker can talk to you to assess your financial situation and give you advice on benefits, and they will be able to let you know if there are any special funds you might qualify for. Ask your GP or hospital doctor or nurse to refer you.

There are also a number of charities that can provide support for free, such as Marie Curie Cancer Care, Sue Ryder Care or your local hospice. They can offer advice, counselling and practical help to people and their families who are living with illness. 

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau can advise you about financial help, and assist you in filling in benefit forms.

You might want to check whether you are eligible for any of the benefits listed below (these links will take you to the Directgov website).

Not everybody will be eligible for these benefits, and if you are eligible, claiming them might affect other benefits. For example, getting a Carer's Allowance can affect the benefits of the person you're caring for.

For more detailed help and support on financial issues and benefits, see Useful links. You can also use the Dotgov benefits adviser.

Continuing care

Continuing care is professional care given to meet the physical or mental health needs of adults with a disability, injury or illness over an extended period of time. NHS continuing healthcare means a package of care that is arranged and funded by the NHS and is free of charge to the person receiving the care. This is sometimes called fully funded NHS care.

A national framework has been developed to provide guidance to the NHS about  the type of healthcare needs that qualify for continuing healthcare, and to try to ensure that consistent decisions are made across the country.

Carers Direct has more information about continuing care.

Medical Review: March 26, 2010

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