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Dry climax after TURP

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About 7 in 10 men get what's called retrograde ejaculation or dry climax after a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). [22] [23] [24] This means that when they orgasm, no semen, or much less than they produced before the operation, comes out of their penis. (Semen is the name given to your sperm and the fluid they are carried in.)

Dry climax happens when the ring of muscle in your prostate is damaged during surgery. Because of this damage, semen passes up into your bladder during orgasm instead of out of your penis. This isn't harmful. The semen is flushed out the next time you urinate.

If you have dry climax, you'll still be able to get erections and you'll still have the feeling of ejaculation during sex. So you should be able to enjoy sex as you did before the operation. However, you'll be unlikely to father children through sexual intercourse. If you want to have children, you should tell your doctor before the operation. This way, you can consider having your sperm samples frozen and stored in a sperm bank.

Many men say they get used to dry climax. Although their orgasms may feel slightly different, they still provide pleasure. But some men find it devastating to have their sex life affected in this way. Your doctor or surgeon can tell you more about dry climax before you have the surgery, so that you can think about how it might affect you.



Your bladder is the hollow organ at the top of your pelvis that stores urine. It is similar to a balloon, only with stronger walls. It fills up with urine until you go to the toilet.

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Last Updated: October 08, 2012
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