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Life expectancy for people with sickle cell disease

BMJ Group Medical Reference

Sickle cell disease can cause serious health problems. Some of these can be life-threatening. This means that people with sickle cell disease don't live as long, on average, as people who don't have the condition.

However, when you read these numbers, bear in mind that statistics are based on lots of people. You are an individual. No one can predict what will happen to you. It's also important to remember that treatments for sickle cell disease are getting better. People are likely to live longer now than when these statistics were collected.

These numbers are the averages for men and women in the US. [18]

  • Men with sickle cell disease live for about 42 years, on average.

  • For women, the average is 48 years.

In some parts of Africa, where good health care isn't always available, about one-half of children with sickle cell disease die before their first birthday. [7] But the life expectancy in the UK is improving all the time.


For references related to Sickle cell disease click here.
Last Updated: August 15, 2013
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