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Antifungal medicines - Names of antifungal medicines

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Antifungal medicines have many brand names as they are made by different pharmaceutical manufacturers.

There are also many different types of antifungal medicines, including:

  • clotrimazole
  • econazole nitrate 
  • miconazole 
  • terbinafine
  • fluconazole
  • ketoconazole
  • amphotericin

The packaging should state what antifungal medicine the product contains and how much. This may be shown as a percentage - for example, cream containing 1% clotrimazole, or in milligrams (mg) - for example, capsules containing 50mg of fluconazole.

Types of antifungal medicines

Antifungal medicines are available as:

  • topical antifungals - a cream, gel, ointment or spray applied directly to the body
  • oral antifungals - a capsule, tablet or liquid medicine that is swallowed
  • intravenous antifungals - an injection into a vein in your arm, usually in hospital through an intravenous infusion (a continuous drip of medicine through a narrow tube)

Antifungal intravaginal pessaries are also available. Pessaries are small suppositories inserted into the vagina to treat conditions such as vaginal thrush.

Medical Review: August 26, 2012
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