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Bursitis - Preventing bursitis

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There are a number of commonsense precautions you can take to prevent getting bursitis.

Protect your joints

If your job involves a lot of kneeling, such as carpet fitting, wearing a pair of knee pads will help protect your knees.

If you run or walk regularly, make sure your walking or running shoes fit properly.

You should go to a specialist running shop if you are buying running shoes for the first time. A trained member of staff will be able to carry out a number of tests, including a gait analysis, and give you advice about the type of shoes that are best for you.

If you continue having problems with your shoes, a podiatrist (a foot specialist) will be able to provide a more expert opinion and look at your overall lower limb biomechanics.

Find a podiatrist in your area.

Regular breaks

Take regular breaks while carrying out tasks that involve repetitive movements. This will help avoid placing excess strain on one particular area of your body.

You can also vary your patterns of physical activity by carrying out different tasks or exercises that do not all involve using the same part of your body.

Warm up before exercising

Make sure you warm up for at least six minutes before exercising. Do some light aerobic exercise, such as walking or easy jogging, before starting to exercise more vigorously.

Read more about how to warm up before exercising and how to stretch after exercising

Strengthen your muscles

If one of your joints has previously been affected by bursitis, strengthening the muscles around it will provide protection from further injury. However, only try to strengthen the muscles after your bursitis symptoms have cleared up.

Read more about strength and flexibility training.

Medical Review: January 21, 2013
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