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Sinusitis - What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

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Sinusitis can be very painful.

The symptoms often start just as you think you're getting better from an infection.[3] Sometimes people think they have a cold when they really have acute sinusitis, because their nose feels blocked.

With sinusitis you may get some of these symptoms as well as a blocked nose:[4]

  • A high temperature

  • Pain in your forehead, upper jaw, teeth, or cheeks, or around your eyes

  • Loss of your sense of smell

  • A headache that is worse when you lean forward (it might start when you get up in the morning)

  • Toothache or pain when you eat

  • Large amounts of green or yellow mucus in your nose

  • Generally feeling unwell

  • A sore throat (caused by the mucus dripping down from your nose into your throat).

Your doctor will usually be able to tell if you have sinusitis by your symptoms, although it's difficult for doctors to tell if sinusitis is caused by bacteria or by a virus.[5] Sometimes, if your sinusitis is very bad or keeps coming back, you may need to see a specialist or have tests such as an x-ray or a CT scan.


CT scan

A CT scan is a type of X-ray. It takes several detailed pictures of the inside of your body from different angles. CT stands for computed tomography. It is also called a CAT scan (computed axial tomography).


X-rays are pictures taken of the inside of your body. They are made by passing small amounts of radiation through your body and then onto film.

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Last Updated: March 13, 2013
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