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  1. 10 myths and facts about sneezing

    Everyone sneezes. Some people sneeze more often, and louder than others. Some people sneeze once, others a number of times in quick succession. But what makes us sneeze?

  2. Food allergy food labelling

    How can people with food allergies and intolerance help protect themselves using food labels? Get the facts.

  3. Spring allergies

    We look at spring allergy causes, including pollen, and explores how you can manage allergy symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and headaches. Also look here for information about spring allergy treatments and medications.

  4. Dog allergies

    We describe dog allergies and provides information about symptoms, treatments, and controlling dog allergy symptoms.

  5. Allergies to medications

    Many medications can cause adverse side effects, and certain medications can trigger allergic reactions. In an allergic reaction the immune system mistakenly responds to a medication by creating an immune response against it.

  6. Allergy-proof your environment

    We give you tips on how to help allergy proof your environment.

  7. Plant allergy treatment

    Usually self-care at home is all that is needed for an allergic reaction to a plant, but medical advice should always be sought if the reaction is severe.

  8. Autumn allergies

    Mould spores in the air are a common cause of autumn allergies. Here are some tips for coping with allergies when the leaves start falling off the trees.

  9. Saline nasal sprays and rinses

    If nasal passages are blocked by allergies, sinusitis, infections or colds, rinsing them out with a salt water solution or spray can help bring relief from symptoms.

  10. Winter allergies

    Mould spores and house dust mites are common triggers of allergy symptoms in the winter.

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