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  1. Salicylate allergy

    Salicylates are an ingredient in aspirin, and some people can have allergic reactions to aspirin and salicylates.

  2. Allergic reaction causes

    An allergic reaction can be triggered by contact with any substance a person is allergic to, such as food, pollen or something else in the environment.

  3. DIY moisture and mould problem solving around the home

    Here's what you can do to combat mould problems, and take care of yourself and your home.

  4. Are you allergic to your Christmas tree?

    Millions of us buy a Christmas tree in December each year, but could our new festive housemate end up needling us in more ways than one.

  5. Allergy symptom diary

    Whether it is pollen in the summer or a type of food or food ingredient, keeping track of symptoms and triggers can help you prevent allergy attacks and help your doctor identify the best treatments for your allergy.

  6. Food allergy elimination diet

    A person suspected of having a food allergy or intolerance may be advised by a doctor to use a food elimination diet.

  7. Bee sting allergies: Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

    A bee sting is painful and irritating for several hours, but not too serious for most people. However, for around 1 in 150 children and 3 in 100 adults, a sting from a bee can trigger a serious allergic reaction, including anaphylactic shock.

  8. Allergy organisations

    These resources can help you find more information and support so you can better tackle your allergies.

  9. Allergy-free bedrooms

    We offer you tips for making your child’s bedroom allergy-free.

  10. Can allergies trigger an asthma attack?

    An allergy can cause as asthma attack, sometimes in people who hadn't been diagnosed with asthma before.

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