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Panic and anxiety: Finding help

If you are looking for more information about panic and anxiety care and treatment, we can help. Use these resources to find more advice and support.

This list offers a guide to panic and anxiety, and mental health charities, organisations and resources online.


Anxiety UK

This charity helps people living with anxiety disorders by providing information, support and understanding, including low cost one to one therapy services. It also campaigns to raise awareness of anxiety disorders through events like the annual 'Anxiety Disorders Awareness Week'. It also has a list of self help groups nationally that you can access via its website.


Mind is the leading mental health charity for England and Wales, working for better mental health for everyone. Mind campaigns and provides information for better mental health and to improve conditions, policy and attitudes. It provides information, guidance and support through booklets, website and an information line.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

This professional body provides information for people seeking information on counselling and psychotherapy in the UK through the “It’s good to talk” website.

British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies

This organisation promotes the theory, practice and development of cognitive behavioural therapy in the UK, with around 7,000 members, including counsellors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

This is the professional and educational body for psychiatrists in the UK. It also publishes leaflets and information for patients about mental health conditions, including anxiety and phobias.

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