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  1. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

    Obsessive compulsive disorder, often just called OCD, is a mental health condition in which a person has repetitive, obsessive thoughts and exhibits compulsive behaviour.

  2. Hair pulling

    Trichotillomania or hair pulling is mental health condition, known as an impulse control disorder, in which a person feels they have to pull out hair.

  3. Phobias

    A phobia is a type of anxiety in which a person changes their life to avoid something they are afraid of, which might be a situation, an object or a creature.

  4. Panic attacks & panic disorder: Symptoms, causes, treatment

    Panic attacks are frightening episodes where a person is overwhelmed by fear, stress or anxiety.

  5. Coping with anxiety

    There are several strategies that can help reduce anxiety. Get tips here.

  6. Stage fright (performance anxiety)

    Commonly called “stage fright,” performance anxiety is the fear of doing something in front of a group of people. Many times it occurs in acting, musical performances, or sports. BootsWebMD discusses causes and treatments.

  7. Generalised anxiety disorder

    A person with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) finds it hard to control their worries, fears or sense of unease. This long-term condition with a feeling of constant anxiety interferes with daily life.

  8. Anxiety and teenagers

    For a teenager, anxiety can come from a number of sources, from home concerns, to school worries and problems with friends and relationships.

  9. How worrying affects your body

    Worrying too much can lead to physical problems,and can affect appetite, lifestyle habits, relationships, sleep and job performance.

  10. Coping with the stigma of mental illness

    Experiencing the stigma of mental illness can make it harder for a person to manage and recover from mental health conditions.

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