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  1. Am I 'crazy'?

    We all know someone, perhaps even ourselves, who has said at some point, 'Am I going crazy?' Although it sounds like a flippant, off-hand remark, it can often reveal the presence of personal or emotional problems below the surface, and can be an indicator that everything is not well in a person. Mor

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  2. Bounce back from failure

    Failure is always a possibility in life. Most people fail at something, be it an exam or a job interview, a work task, or a relationship. Yes failure happens, so live with it and learn from it. It's how you deal with failure that matters. So how exactly do you do that? Here are five top tips. You ar

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  3. Why do I worry so much?

    Have I turned the iron off? Why’s my son late home from school? Do my friends hate me? It’s true we all worry to some extent but do it too much and it can colour your whole life, leaving you strung out, unhappy and constantly anxious. It’s not unusual either. Around 1 in 20 of us experiences excessi

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  4. Women 'at twice the risk of anxiety as men'

    6th June 2016 - Around 8.2 million people in the UK experience anxiety disorders per year, and a new study suggests women are almost twice as likely to experience the disorder as men. A review of the available evidence from global studies also found that anxiety levels are higher among young adults

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  5. Tips for coping with parties when you have social anxiety

    When you pull up to the address where you are attending a party, are you looking forward to an evening amongst friends and family, or are your palms sweating, your heart racing and your insides churning? If it's the latter you may be suffering from social anxiety, a recognised condition that lies on

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  6. Anxious? It might help you cope in a crisis

    30th December 2015 - Anxiety could act as a 'sixth sense' to protect you against danger, say French scientists. A study in the journal eLife says that naturally anxious people seem to process perceived threats in a different area of the brain than relaxed, laid-back individuals. The researchers say

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  7. Anxiety common in young people

    14th January 2015 – Anxiety is common in young people and worse if they don't have a job. According to The Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index 2015, anxiety is gripping young people. While a large proportion are outgoing and lead busy lives, it found more than 1 in 10 often felt too anxious to leav

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  8. Improving care for people with anxiety

    6th February 2014 - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued standards for the NHS in England to improve the quality of care for children, young people and adults with anxiety disorders. Recognition of anxiety disorders, especially in primary care, is poor, leading to

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  9. App to fight spider phobia

    4th October 2013 - A special app called Phobia Free, has been launched specifically designed to tackle a fear of spiders. According to Anxiety UK a phobia of spiders, or arachnophobia, affects up to 6% of people and can be very distressing. It says those who suffer from it are easy targets from pran

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  10. Self-help book prescriptions for mental health problems

    4th February 2013 - GPs will be able to prescribe self-help books to patients in England with some mental health problems. The Reading Agency, which has helped develop the scheme, says it wants to bring reading's healing benefits to the six million people with anxiety and depression. The scheme is e

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