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Christmas asthma triggers for children


The culprits are Fido and Fluffy

Giving your child a puppy or kitten for Christmas sounds like an enchanting idea, but don’t forget that that adorable little bundle is covered in dander, a common asthma trigger. Of course, animal charities stress that a pet is for life and not just for Christmas.

As well as being a bad idea for the animal, parents may not know if the kids are allergic or not.

With cold weather, pets are indoors more often than not, so their dander is inside as well to trigger asthma symptoms in some children.

Baby it’s cold outside

When the snow falls and the temperature drops, your child will be eager to go outside and play, but don’t forget that cold air is a known asthma trigger.

Cold air dries the lungs out, and makes the chest tighten. Warm, moist air, however, is just what a child with asthma needs.

Try a scarf during cold weather. They breathe through the cloth and it catches moisture. Then they breathe back in through it and it warms the air and makes the air moist.

To be on the safe side, if your child is playing outside, monitor his or her peak flow regularly.

Be ready for any asthma trigger

Don’t forget that your doctor’s surgery and your local pharmacy won’t be open on some days and may have shorter opening hours on others over Christmas. Make sure you are ready, in case your child has asthma symptoms.

If your child uses an inhaler or a nebuliser, make sure you have these on hand, so if asthma symptoms flare up in the middle of the Christmas and New Year break, you have something at home to start treatment right away.

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Reviewed on October 07, 2015

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