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  1. Breast cancer relapse blood test

    27th August 2015 -- A blood test has been developed by UK researchers that may help detect breast cancer returning up to 8 months before conventional methods. Spotting relapses earlier using cancer DNA in the blood means treatment can begin again sooner with better results. More research will be nee

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  2. Heart medicine 'increases ovarian cancer survival'

    24th August 2015 - New research has found a type of beta blocker used for high blood pressure and heart problems may significantly improve ovarian cancer survival. It is thought the beta blockers affect the stress hormones that are thought to be linked to cancer growth. One cancer charity has descri

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  3. Thousands 'miss out' on personalised cancer tests

    20th August 2015 - Thousands of cancer patients in England are missing out on personalised treatments each year because they are not being offered a test to see if they might benefit from them, according to a charity. A report commissioned by Cancer Research UK looked at the NHS's molecular diagnost

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  4. Skin cancer risk after organ transplants

    14th August 2015 -- People who have an organ transplant may be at a higher risk of developing melanoma skin cancer, according to a new US study. Doctors say drugs taken to suppress the immune system to prevent organ rejection may be to blame. The findings mean transplant patients may be advised to t

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  5. Early diagnosis, better cancer survival

    10th August 2015 -- People can be more than 3 times more likely to survive some of the most common types of cancer when they are diagnosed in the earlier stages, according to a new analysis of data by Cancer Research UK. The findings come from data on cancers accounting for more than 40% of UK cance

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  6. Ovarian cancer drug 'too expensive for NHS'

    6th August 2015 -- The health regulator NICE says it needs more evidence before recommending the new ovarian cancer drug olaparib for NHS funding. The Institute of Cancer Research says it is disappointed that access to this world-first treatment for an inherited genetic mutation has been delayed. Ol

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  7. The Pill protects against womb cancer

    5th August 2015 – A new study confirms that oral contraceptives help prevent womb cancer. The researchers estimate that oral contraceptives ('the Pill') has prevented around 200,000 cases of womb cancer, in high income countries, in past decade, and around 400,000 cases in the past 50 years.  Resear

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  8. Pancreatic cancer test shows promise

    4th August 2015 -- A simple urine test is showing promising results in detecting pancreatic cancer earlier than current methods. Because there are few specific symptoms of even advanced pancreatic cancer, most people are diagnosed late, after the cancer has spread. Surgery - the main hope for a cure

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  9. Delayed cancer referrals erode patient confidence

    31st July 2015 - People who visit their GP more than 3 times before being referred for cancer tests are less likely to trust the doctors and nurses who treat them afterwards, says a study. A survey of more than 73,462 patients in England found that of the 58,107 people who were diagnosed through the

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  10. Scientists identify 5 types of prostate cancer

    30th July 2015 - Scientists in the UK say they have for the first time identified 5 distinct types of prostate cancer and found a way to distinguish between them. They say the research could lead to better treatment because doctors would be able to identify which tumours are more likely to grow and

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