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  1. Missed cancer targets 'putting lives at risk'

    21st May 2015 – Cancer charities are warning that lives are being put at risk because increasing numbers of cancer patients are not being treated fast enough by the NHS. Figures published by NHS England show that the target for patients to begin treatment within 2 months of an urgent referral for su

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  2. Popular sunscreens fail consumer test

    15th May 2015 – Two out of 13 leading sunscreens fail to live up to their claims of providing a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, according to the consumer magazine, Which? The 2 products made by Hawaiian Tropic and Boots have been added to the magazine's list of 'don't buy' products after tests ca

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  3. Child cancer treatment link to obesity

    11th May 2015 – Children with certain cancers who are treated with radiotherapy to the brain are more likely to be obese as adults than those who have not undergone such treatment, according to a small US study. Researchers say effective counselling and weight loss programmes could benefit these ind

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  4. New test could double ovarian cancer diagnoses

    5th May 2015 – A new screening method promises to detect twice as many women with ovarian cancer as conventional methods, say scientists. The new technique interprets changing levels of a protein called CA125 which is linked to ovarian cancer, compared to the standard method of relying on a fixed am

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  5. Diet swaps reduce colon cancer risk

    29th April 2015 -- Swapping from a high protein, high fat diet to one higher in fibre, but lower in fat and protein can dramatically reduce the risk of colon cancer, according to new research. For the small study, 20 African American volunteers swapped diets with 20 participants from rural South Afr

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  6. Dogs 'sniff out' prostate cancer

    20th April 2015 – Scientists say they have successfully trained two dogs to 'sniff out' prostate cancer with more than 90% accuracy. The Italian researchers say using dogs to diagnose the disease could provide a viable alternative to the current blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA), which

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  7. Blood test could give early breast cancer warning

    17th April 2015 – Scientists say they have developed a simple blood test that can predict whether a woman will develop breast cancer several years before it occurs. The technique, which involves measuring compounds in the blood, is still in its early stages but in the long term could lead to better

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  8. Breath test for stomach cancer risk

    14th April 2015 -- A new breath testing technology is showing promise in identifying people at risk of developing stomach cancer. The new nanoarray breath test looks for unique breath signatures from chemical compounds present in pre-cancer and cancer patients. However, experts say there's still a l

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  9. Women with breast cancer symptoms delay GP visit

    13th April 2015 – Almost a fifth of women diagnosed with breast cancer delayed visiting their GP by more than a month after spotting a potential symptom, says a cancer charity. Breast Cancer Care says the figure from a YouGov poll of 403 women suggests more needs to be done to ensure that women feel

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  10. Genetic screening for breast cancer prevention

    9th April 2015 – Experts have welcomed the results of a trial that used genetic testing to identify women at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. They say it could boost breast cancer prevention by allowing doctors to offer increased monitoring, personalised advice and preventative treatme

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