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  1. Cancer patients 'struggle to pay for Christmas'

    30th November 2015 - Tens of thousands of British people with cancer will struggle to afford Christmas this year, says a leading charity. Macmillan Cancer Support says a cancer diagnosis can lead to a big fall in income, leaving many cancer patients facing a "cold and lonely" Christmas. It says prev

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  2. Fewer children dying from cancer

    27th November 2015 - Fewer children are dying from cancer today compared to the first decade of the century, new figures suggest. However, Cancer Research UK says more needs to be done to combat some cancers such as brain and bone tumours. The latest statistics show that 24% fewer children are dying

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  3. 'Angelina effect' increases double mastectomies

    25th November 2015 - Researchers at a UK breast cancer prevention clinic have reported a surge in the number of women opting for preventative double mastectomies in the past 2 years which they attribute to the 'Angelina Jolie effect'. In May 2013, the actress announced her decision to have both brea

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  4. Cancer Drugs Fund consultation begins

    20th November 2015 -- NHS England is starting a consultation on the future of the Cancer Drugs Fund, which is due to end next April. The fund was designed to pay for new treatments before they'd gone through standard NHS funding approvals, but has been criticised for some decisions, including cuttin

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  5. Anger over breast cancer drug decision

    17th November 2015 - Cancer charities say the decision by England's health rationing body to reject the breast cancer medication Kadcyla from routine use on the NHS is "hugely disappointing". The decision by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) means some patients in England

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  6. 1 in 3 women don’t check breasts regularly

    16th November 2015 -- A survey for Breast Cancer Care suggests that 1 in 3 woman don't check their breasts regularly for changes that could be a sign of cancer. Although many women knew that finding lumps could mean breast cancer, there was also a lack of awareness of other symptoms, including rashe

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  7. Kidney cancer linked to meat eating

    9th November 2015 - Eating larger amounts of meat may increase the risk of developing kidney cancer, according to a study, which also suggests that how meat is cooked is an important factor. Researchers say that meat cooked at high temperatures or over an open flame, particularly pan-frying or barbe

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  8. Gene-editing 'reverses baby's leukaemia'

    6th November 2015 - A baby girl diagnosed with incurable leukaemia has been successfully treated by doctors in the UK using a gene editing therapy that has previously only been tested in the laboratory. The parents of one year old Layla Richards from London had given permission for the experimental

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  9. Kadcyla back on Cancer Drugs Fund list

    5th November 2015 - Cancer charities are welcoming the decision to keep the innovative breast cancer medication Kadcyla on the Cancer Drugs Fund list. The fund pays for medications not routinely available on the NHS in England, but has recently cut the drugs available in order to contain costs. NHS

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  10. Prostate cancer trial backs radiotherapy change

    4th November 2015 - Changes to the way radiotherapy is given in cases of prostate cancer could reduce side-effects in men and save the NHS money, results from a trial show. Leaders of the phase III clinical trial say the findings support changing to a regime where high doses of radiotherapy are give

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