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  1. Breast cancer risk linked to overactive thyroid

    11th February 2016 - Women with an overactive thyroid may be at higher risk of breast cancer, say scientists. A study in the European Journal of Endocrinology implicates high levels of thyroid hormone with the disease. The thyroid is responsible for secreting hormones which control our metabolism an

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  2. Eating fibre in teens 'cuts breast cancer risk'

    1st February 2016 - Women who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables in their teenage years may help protect themselves against breast cancer later in life, say scientists. A US study in the journal Pediatrics found lower breast cancer rates among women who ate more fibre when they were adolescents and

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  3. Proton beam cancer therapy 'safer for children'

    1st February 2016 - The highly focussed proton beam therapy is as effecting in treating medulloblastoma child brain cancer as conventional radiotherapy, with fewer side effects on the rest of the body, according to a US study. The technique was in the news after the case of Ashya King, whose parents

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  4. Women missing out on cervical screening

    24th January 2016 - A cervical cancer charity is warning that almost 3.7 million women in the UK are putting themselves at risk of the disease because they are not taking up the offer of free screening. Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is calling for extra resources to promote awareness of the benefits of

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  5. NHS approves new advanced skin cancer drug

    22nd January 2016 -- The NHS is England is to make nivolumab (Opdivo) available as a new treatment option for advanced skin cancer. Cancer experts have welcomed the decision, saying that before now, patients with advanced melanoma had few treatment options. Nivolumab was also considered by NICE last

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  6. New ovarian cancer gene fault discovered

    19th January 2016 - Researchers say the discovery of the BRIP1 genetic fault that increases a woman's ovarian cancer risk by more than 3 times could help save lives. In future, genetic testing could be used to identify women most at risk of the cancer so they can be tested and monitored more closely

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  7. Homelessness warning for cancer patients

    11th January 2016 - A cancer charity is warning that patients would be at risk of losing their homes if the government presses ahead with cuts to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). An online poll of 955 people with cancer commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support found that 10% would be unable,

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  8. Does cancer screening save lives?

    7th January 2016 - The jury is still out on whether screening for cancer saves lives, according to US experts. Writing in the BMJ, Professor Vinay Prasad from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland and colleagues say the mantra rests on whether it prevents people from dying from a specific

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  9. Obesity 'will fuel surge in cancers'

    7th January 2016 - Expected increases in the number of people overweight or obese in the UK could lead to almost 670,000 extra cases of cancer, according to a new report. The study by Cancer Research UK and the UK Health Forum also predicts millions of new cases of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart di

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  10. Ski holiday sunscreen warning

    6th January 2016 - Skin experts are warning people heading for the ski slopes this winter to remember to pack their sunscreen. The British Skin Foundation says UV rays are 5% stronger for every 1,000 feet above sea level, plus snow can reflect back up to 80% of UV rays. As well as the skin damage an

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