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  1. Prostate cancer 'riskier for tall and obese men'

    13th July 2017 – Tall men and those who are obese have a higher risk of high grade prostate cancer and dying from the disease, a study has found. A research team led by the University of Oxford found that while being tall did not increase the overall risk of getting prostate cancer, it did increase

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  2. People 'should be prepared for cancer'

    10th July 2017 – Our fear of cancer is reflected in a traditional reluctance to call the disease by its name. But now a leading charity says that rather than hiding behind 'the C-word', we need to face up to the realities of cancer in our modern, everyday life. Our expectation to live beyond 'three

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  3. Poorly applied sunscreen 'leaves faces vulnerable'

    7th July 2017 – With the UK currently experiencing hot sunny days, many people have been reaching for a bottle of sunscreen before heading outdoors. However, according to the results of a study released today, people are misapplying sunscreen to their face, leaving them vulnerable to skin cancer. Th

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  4. British drinkers 'risk deadly digestive cancers'

    4th July 2017 – British people who have an average of 2.1 alcoholic drinks a day are putting themselves at a higher risk of developing a range of cancers, say health experts. The UK is the 8th heaviest drinking nation out of the European Union's 28 member states, according to a report by United Euro

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  5. Many women 'unaware of cervical screening'

    30th June 2017 – Falling rates for cervical screening in the UK may be partly due to many women not knowing about the test, say researchers. A study in the European Journal of Cancer found that more than a quarter of women who are overdue for testing are unaware of the programme. This lack of awaren

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  6. Blood test 'to target prostate cancer treatment'

    19th June 2017 – A new 3-in-1 blood test could revolutionise the treatment of prostate cancer, say scientists, and help pave the way for personalised patient treatment. The key to the new treatment is the ability to test for cancer DNA in a person's bloodstream. This so-called 'liquid biopsy' has th

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  7. NHS approval for life-extending breast cancer drug

    Editor's note 20th June 2017 -- The Welsh Government has announced it has received the same deal from the manufactruer as NHS England and will be making the drug routinely. avaiable. 15th June 2017 – A decision to approve a life-extending breast cancer drug for routine NHS use in England and Wales i

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  8. Could a blood test detect cancer early?

    5th June 2017 – A simple blood test that could reliably detect cancer in its early stages could one day be a possibility, say scientists. Currently, the only way to make a firm cancer diagnosis is from a biopsy in which a small amount of bodily tissue is removed for analysis. However, a blood test f

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  9. Coffee 'protects against liver cancer'

    25th May 2017 – People who drink 2 cups of coffee each day could reduce their risk of developing the most common type of liver cancer by more than a third, say scientists. Researchers at the universities of Southampton and Edinburgh reviewed data from 26 studies involving more than 2.2 million peopl

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  10. Glass of wine a day 'increases breast cancer risk'

    23rd May 2017 – Drinking just a small glass of wine a day can increase the risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new report for the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). The report also says that regular vigorous exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer in pre- and post-menopausal women

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