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  1. One-off test 'cuts bowel cancer risk for years'

    22nd February 2017 – A one-off bowelscreening test has demonstrated promising results in preventing the disease over the long term, a study has shown. Researchers in the UK say the test, which uses a tiny camera to examine the lower bowel, prevented more than half of potential bowel cancers from dev

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  2. Cautious welcome for blood cancer stem cell U-turn

    20th February 2017 – Cancer campaigners are welcoming an announcement by the NHS that it is "confident" it will soon be able to announce funding for second stem cell treatments for people with blood cancer who have relapsed after an initial transfusion. NHS England had previously refused to pay for

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  3. Cancer cold caps work about 50% of the time

    15th February 2017 – Two new US studies have found scalp cooling devices, often called 'cold caps', can help reduce hair loss for women with breast cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy. Despite differences in study design, inclusion criteria and the type of cooling device used an editorial in JAMA

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  4. Cancer treatment delays 'causing depression'

    10th February 2017 – Treatment delays for cancer patients are causing unnecessary mental health problems, a cancer charity is warning. A report by Macmillan Cancer Support found that 64% of people recently diagnosed with cancer in England experienced anxiety, fear or depression while waiting for the

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  5. Women 'will bear the brunt of rising cancer cases'

    3rd February 2017 – Cancer rates in the UK will rise nearly 6 times faster in women than in men over the next 20 years, fuelled partly by smoking and obesity, according to a new analysis. Cancer diagnoses are projected to increase by 0.54% for men and 3.18% for women, Cancer Research UK figures show

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  6. Breath test for cancer detection 'shows promise'

    30th January 2017 – A breath test that can detect early signs of cancers of the stomach and oesophagus has shown promise in trials, British researchers are reporting. A team led by Imperial College London (ICL) says the test demonstrated an 85% success rate at detecting cancer. Survival rates for oe

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  7. Early breast cancer 'doesn't increase death risk'

    27th January 2017 – Older women who get treatment for an early type of breast cancer can expect to live as long as other women, says a study. Dutch researchers found that women over 50 who had been treated for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) were more likely to be alive 10 years later than those in

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  8. 'Breakthrough' in treating pancreatic cancer

    26th January 2017 – Scientists say they have made a significant breakthrough in treating pancreatic cancer. They say a combination of two chemotherapy drugs may help people with the disease live for many more weeks than those who receive only one of the drugs. Pancreatic cancer is the fifth most com

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  9. Prostate cancer scan is 'a big leap forward'

    20th January 2017 – A new test to detect prostate cancer is being hailed as the biggest leap forward in diagnosing the disease in decades. Doctors say an advanced type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan could help around a quarter of men avoid an unnecessary biopsy and reduce the number who ar

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  10. Campaigners to fight breast cancer drug refusal

    29th December 2016 – Health campaigners have condemned a decision by the health regulator to refuse an innovative breast cancer drug for NHS use. In draft guidance, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says it will not be recommending trastuzumab emtansine in England and Wale

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