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  1. Cancer drugs trial patients 'have too high hopes'

    26th September 2016 – Some people with cancer are keen to join experimental drugs trials in the hope of accessing newer and more effective treatment. However, a study suggests many of these would-be participants set their expectations unrealistically high and that these hopes increase after talking

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  2. Breast cancer patients 'denied 43p drug'

    22nd September 2016 – Thousands of women in the UK with breast cancer are being denied a 43p osteoporosis medication that could prevent their cancer spreading to their bones, according to a leading charity. Breast Cancer Now says 3 out of 4 breast cancer oncologists are unable to prescribe bisphosph

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  3. Smear tests 'could save hundreds more lives'

    16th September 2016 – A new study has found that cervical cancer screening prevents 70% of cervical cancer deaths. However, the research team at Queen Mary University of London says if all eligible women kept their appointments to be tested, 83% of deaths would be prevented. In England around 800 wo

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  4. Is monitoring prostate cancer as effective as treatment?

    15th September 2016 -- A major UK study has found that 99% of men whose prostate cancer is detected at an early stage live for at least 10 years whether the condition is treated or if doctors carry out 'active surveillance'. For men in the UK, prostate cancer is the most common cancer. There are mor

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  5. 3 in 4 unaware that obesity is linked to cancer

    9th September 2016 – Three out of 4 people in the UK are unaware that being obese increases the risk of getting cancer, says a report. The survey by Cancer Research UK found that people from poorer backgrounds were less aware of the link than those who were more affluent. The charity says the govern

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  6. Many bowel cancer gene tests missed

    8th August 2016 -- New figures show nearly 1 in 3 UK hospitals don't carry out gene tests on people under 50 newly diagnosed with bowel cancer to check the cancer risks for close family members. Bowel cancer ranks as the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. It is also the fourth most common cancer. Ar

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  7. Air pollution could affect lung cancer survival

    5th August 2016 -- Exposure to air pollution after a diagnosis of lung cancer can have a negative effect on survival, according to a new study published online in the medical journal Thorax. The effect was most pronounced for people with early-stage disease, and in particular those with adenocarcino

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  8. Thousands survive cancer decades after diagnosis

    1st August 2016 – Despite being diagnosed with cancer more than 25 years ago, tens of thousands of people in the UK are still alive today – but many of these people are struggling with long-term side effects from their treatment. A new report released today, 'Cancer: Then and Now', reveals for the f

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  9. Cancer Drugs Fund revamped – but is it better?

    29th July 2016 – The way cancer drugs are appraised and funded in England has changed as of today, as a new Cancer Drugs Fund is launched. Four new cancer drugs are now available - but will it provide better access to drugs for people diagnosed with cancer? The NHS spends about £1.2 billion a year o

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  10. Drinking alcohol 'causes 7 types of cancer'

    22nd July 2016 - A new analysis has found compelling evidence that drinking alcohol causes at least 7 types of cancer. It found that heavy drinkers are at the highest risk, but even low to moderate drinkers are more likely to get certain cancers than non-drinkers. The review of evidence, published i

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