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New mum survival guide


How to make life easier for you continued...

Bear in mind that an endless stream of visitors is not conducive to a restful first few weeks - or to you taking as many naps as possible. Everyone wants to show off their new arrival, but keep a mental tally of how many people are coming over each week and set your own limits.

However, don’t confuse visitors with people who’ve come to help. Take up offers of help from family and friends as you need all the rest and home-cooked meals you can get.

And speaking of all things domestic, now is not the time to start playing supermum. At the moment, the only thing that really matters is that you and your baby are well fed and rested. The prize-winning fairy cakes will have to wait.


What if bonding isn’t happening?

Bonding is a complex process and doesn’t always happen straight away. The weeks following birth can pass in a blur of feeds, nappy changes and sleepless nights. But the more time spent with your baby, and the more you get to know how to care for her, the closer you will feel.

Rest as much as possible and carry your baby in a sling to encourage closeness. Before long you will look at your baby and feel a rush of maternal love. In the meantime, as long as you are feeding, changing and cuddling her, she will do just fine. If you have any concerns then seek medical advice.


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Reviewed on April 21, 2017

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