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Baby personality quiz: tips for dealing with your baby’s unique type

Need help determining your baby's temperament? Take this quiz and find out what makes your baby one of a kind.
By Diane Lore
WebMD Feature
Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

Who is this little creature, this dictator dressed in a nappy? It's your baby, of course. If you want to understand the newest member of your family, you need to study them in their natural habitat. In short, learn their temperament.

Child development experts watch several key traits when determining a baby's temperament. So maybe your baby is feisty or easygoing; or maybe they hate change. By identifying their behaviour, you can work in tandem with them, making everyone's life in their little kingdom smoother, easier and happier.

Want to determine your baby's temperament? Take our quiz:

1. If you could just quickly strap your baby into her car seat, you could make it to the bank before it closes. Your baby's reaction?

a) No, no, no, no. Bottle hits, with amazing accuracy, your forehead.

b) Why are you taking so long? You've got trips to make, I've got a car nap. Let's get to it, woman.

c) Ouch, the belt's tight and the buckle's hot and I'm trying to work with you, but you're really starting to annoy me.

2. Wow! There's an insect on the pavement. Let's:

a) Eat it, of course. Yummy!

b) Watch it and either 1) jab it with stick or 2) let it crawl all over my legs

c) Run! It's a creepy crawly!

3. You have just put on baby's trousers and socks and shoes and hat and shirt and are now sure:

a) That you will smell something funny because your baby takes great pleasure in surprise, very necessary nappy changes.

b) That despite the fact you are headed to Granny's, your baby will sleep through the visit because it landed during his daily nap time.

c) That he might fall asleep during the car ride and might also need a nappy change but, once he arrives, will want to play with Granny, who is, after all, much nicer than Mummy.

4. The little creature has misplaced their favourite toy truck in the garden. The child is not pleased. They express this by:

a) Kicking other trucks you present and sulking.

b) By briefly whinging about it, but then being distracted by a really cool insect.

c) Searching for the truck, but quickly moving on to their sister's doll.

5. You have taken baby to a local play-gym geared for children. The baby reacts to the bright lights and loud music how?

a) Running toward the mats and the instructor. Got to keep moving, mum!

b) A little hesitant. I can barely walk and you want me to tumble?

c) Cringing in horror. Too many primary colours, too many televisions tuned to CBeebies.

6. You give baby a four-piece puzzle.

a) Baby plays with it, first figuring it out and then building a lean-to house out of the pieces.

b) Baby bangs puzzle pieces together and then moves on to tormenting the dog.

c) Puzzle board does not taste like raisins. Neither does a toy car. Nor Mummy's keys.

7. While playing "Incey Wincey Spider", your baby:

a) Gets frustrated with the hand movements. Frowns and wants to stop.

b) Smiles like an angel, another perfect day with the little dictator.

c) Is bemused. They keep playing it because Mummy seems to like it so much.

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