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  1. 9 worst foods for kids

    The foods children love to eat most are often not the healthiest for them. A fair few of the worst food culprits are often found on the 'children's menu' at restaurants. It's not just the obvious foods, some products that appear to be a healthy option are not what they seem. Top of most kids' food w

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  2. 8 things your teenager needs from you

    If you live with a teenager you may think all they need from you are lifts and cash, but far from it, your teenager needs you more than they are ever likely to admit. Your teen still needs your love and affection. Even if they feel they are too big for the hugs and kisses of childhood, they still ne

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  3. Teenagers and parties

    Most teenagers love to party. Their lives tend to revolve around their friends, and parties are a great way of spending time together and having fun. Just because your teenager's going to a party doesn't necessarily mean they'll get drunk, take drugs, have unprotected sex and get a lift home in a ca

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  4. Part-time jobs for teenagers

    I saw a paperboy at the crack of dawn the other Sunday. Well I say boy but he looked late 40s and a bit grumpy to be honest. Then it clicked, he was the regular paperboy's dad. One of the drawbacks of your teenager getting a part time job and not being able to get out of bed on time, you may have to

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  5. How to support your gay child

    It's not always easy as a parent when your child tells you they are gay or lesbian. Even if it's not a complete bolt from the blue and you've always had an inkling, their 'coming out' may stir up different emotions. You may be fine about it, or feel shocked, confused or even feel guilty. It will pro

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  6. Helping children cope with change

    Children love routines and rituals. They like knowing what to do, where to go and what to expect. But things in life change: it could be a house move or going to a new school. It could be a change in living arrangements; perhaps a parent's new partner is moving in. Although you may be looking forwar

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  7. 12 great things about parenting a teenager

    Remember your old life pre-kids? Well when you have teens you get a bit of it back. Children no longer need you to entertain them and be with them constantly. They much prefer their friends' company to yours which means you can sit and read a book for a couple of hours or go to the gym. You can leav

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  8. Are you ready for a second child?

    There's no right time to have a second child. There's no perfect age gap that makes family life easier or avoids sibling rivalry. The decision is down to your own choice and circumstances. There are things you may like to think about before getting to work on number two. More and more families are s

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  9. Making friends as a new mum

    After the birth whirlwind has settled and you know one end of your baby from the other you might be thinking about making some mum mates. If you haven't got existing friends with babies you might have to find some new ones. Gulp! It can be pretty daunting. The cool mums in the park all seem to know

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  10. Making fitness fun for teens

    According to UK Active the UK's inactivity rates are among the very worst in Europe, with around 30% of adults classed as inactive. Moreover, 63% of adults in the UK aren't meeting recommended levels of physical activity, compared to just 28% in Germany and 33% in France. As for kids, there’s even m

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