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  1. Plan a family fun run

    If you're looking to do something healthy and enjoyable as a family why not consider a fun run? You can plan and prepare for it together even if you have different levels of fitness, and think of all the benefits. Running's free, all you need is a pair of trainers. You'll be spending time together a

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  2. Mother-daughter bonding

    No one loves you as much as your mum and in some cases no one has the capacity to irritate you as much either! The mother-daughter relationship is one of the most, if not THE most, important relationships in your life but there are times when it can be volatile. Mums are usually the main care givers

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  3. Alcohol and your child

    Sitting your child down to have a chat about the dangers of alcohol may seem a bit hypocritical if as a parent you enjoy a drink yourself. In fact your child may already have had alcohol because 14 and a half is the average age for children in the UK to have their first unsupervised drink, according

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  4. Childhood anxiety

    It's perfectly normal for children to have worries and fears. Whether it's being afraid of the dark, dreading a big maths test or having a fall out with a friend; kids, just like adults, get anxious about things. Sometimes your child's anxiety can be more than just passing concerns. It can develop i

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  5. Baby personality quiz: tips for dealing with your baby’s unique type

    Who is this little creature, this dictator dressed in a nappy? It's your baby, of course. If you want to understand the newest member of your family, you need to study them in their natural habitat. In short, learn their temperament. Child development experts watch several key traits when determinin

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  6. Baby led weaning

    Baby led weaning (BLW) is basically letting your child feed themselves, rather than you doing it for them. Instead of spooning mashed up food and puree into your child's mouth with BLW you offer a selection of appropriate finger food and let your baby choose. For some it's a common sense way of intr

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  7. Don’t let exam nerves hold you back

    Blue skies, warm days... 16-year-old Jake Howard can’t enjoy any of that. Like his fellow GCSE and A-level students, Jake is currently holed up in his room, furiously studying. Jake faces a complex timetable of 17 exams, spread over four weeks, including three on the same day. He needs to get good g

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  8. Am I being unreasonable?

    'Am I being unreasonable?' is a question that crosses the minds of most parents at some stage. Sometimes it's hard to stick to your guns, especially when your children are masters of persuasion. It's a tricky balancing act, wanting to make the right decision as a parent at the same time as keeping y

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  9. Feeding a fussy toddler

    Until around a year old, most babies tend to be fairly obliging eaters. Then, sometime before their second birthday, eating habits can mysteriously change. Out of nowhere, the biddable baby who once loved everything from broccoli to bananas will suddenly eat nothing but junk food, but don't panic, w

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  10. Brain foods for kids

    Children spend long days at school. They are being fed facts and figures and their brains are working rapidly. These early years are critical for brain development. You can give them a helping hand by feeding their brains too. What children eat and drink can have an effect on their cognitive functio

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