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  1. Brain foods for kids

    Children spend long days at school. They are being fed facts and figures and their brains are working rapidly. These early years are critical for brain development. You can give them a helping hand by feeding their brains too. What children eat and drink can have an effect on their cognitive functio

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  2. Stressed out teens

    Remember being a teenager? The best time of your life, young and carefree, no responsibilities, living rent free at home with the world at your feet. Those were the days! Think a bit harder and you may recall the flip-side of teenage life. Exams, feeling powerless, scared about growing up, not to me

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  3. Keeping kids safe from pesticides

    The garden shed is a magical place for little children. To them it can be a castle, a palace or a spaceship but the dangers that lurk within are far from make believe. It’s the place where the weed killer and lawn treatment chemicals are usually stored. Often sheds are the dumping ground for unused

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  4. How tall will your child be?

    Kids love to see how they are growing. Pencil marks on the wall show how much taller they’re getting year on year. "Will I be as tall as Daddy when I grow up?" "Will I be bigger than my sister?" You can’t answer with 100% accuracy but you can probably give a good guess as to what their final height

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  5. Time changes and toddlers' sleep

    An extra hour in bed or an early night is probably all the twice yearly clock changes mean to most of us. For toddlers though it can spell trouble with sleeping patterns and schedules. It's difficult enough getting them into a good sleep routine when twice-a year it's disrupted. We get an extra hour

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  6. The lowdown on children's teeth

    A happy smile shows off our teeth. As well as looking nice, teeth are important as they help us to eat our food and to speak clearly, so it pays to look after them. We get two sets of teeth, baby and permanent. When children are 14 they generally have their adult teeth in place. So where does it all

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  7. Adoption and fostering - Adopting or fostering a child in care

    There are around 4,000 children in England who need to be adopted every year, and many more who need fostering. Some will have siblings, but the decision to keep siblings together is based on a balanced assessment of each child's needs. Some will have been abused or neglected in early childhood, or

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  8. Adoption and fostering - Your adopted child's health needs

    When a possible match is suggested with you and a child, this is often an exciting time. It is important that you find out as much as possible about the child's health history and needs, so that if you decide to go ahead with the match, you will be as well informed as possible. Having realistic expe

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  9. Adoption and fostering - 'Our adopted children need more support'

    Sally and Rob Donovan decided they wanted to start a family in their early thirties. But after years of trying, they were told that they couldn't conceive naturally, a fact which took a long time for them to get used to. "Infertility is horrible, and the effects of it are underestimated by those who

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  10. Adoption and fostering - 'We adopted after IVF'

    "When my wife and I discovered that we would struggle to have our own children, adoption was always on the table. We tried IVF first, simply because in our area we had one free attempt. "We started IVF in September 2009. The experience was incredibly difficult for both of us, but probably more so fo

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