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  1. 10 ways to boost your daughter's self esteem

    Who'd be a teenage girl? They're given the same academic and career expectations as boys, but are bombarded by airbrushed images of so-called 'perfect' females with beauty and bodies that are all too easy to aspire to, but unrealistic to attain. Teenage girls' self-esteem can be fragile and is often

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  2. How to talk to your teenager

    Remember when your child was full of chatter, always asking your advice, giving you constant updates on how they were feeling and what they'd been doing? When the teen years hit, talking to your child can get tricky. Some clam up and only talk to you grudgingly. Others may seem rude and dismissive w

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  3. Stressed out teens

    Remember being a teenager? The best time of your life, young and carefree, no responsibilities, living rent free at home with the world at your feet. Those were the days! Think a bit harder and you may recall the flip-side of teenage life. Exams, feeling powerless, scared about growing up, not to me

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  4. 10 tips to get through the 'terrible twos'

    Two year olds aren't really terrible at all. They just get frustrated at their inability to express themselves and this can lead to tantrums. It's normal developmental behaviour and starts at around 18 months, but by the age of four the stage has usually passed as the child has a better grasp of lan

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  5. Children’s chores

    If it feels like you are the one bearing the brunt of domestic chores in your home it may be time to share the load - with your children. Giving kids chores not only lightens your workload, it also encourages teamwork and discipline. They get to understand they are an important cog in the family whe

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  6. Pets and the new baby

    Starting a family is one of the most joyful experiences in life. But the upheaval and inevitable change can also bring a lot of stresses - and not just for the new parents. Pets that have been established in a home before a new baby arrives will also experience a world-shifting change in their lives

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  7. How do I get a girlfriend?

    For many teenage boys around Year 10 thoughts start to turn to the opposite sex. Getting a girlfriend seems an exciting but scary prospect. What should you do? How should you act? The general rule is to be yourself and have fun. Here are 15 tips which may help you along the road to young love. 1. Im

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  8. Time changes and toddlers' sleep

    An extra hour in bed or an early night is probably all the twice yearly clock changes mean to most of us. For toddlers though it can spell trouble with sleeping patterns and schedules. It's difficult enough getting them into a good sleep routine when twice a year it's disrupted. We get an extra hour

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  9. Dealing with mean girls

    "They used to all be in the same friendship group at primary school, but now they blank her or laugh at her behind her back," says mum Lynda. "It's like a part of her has just shut down. She doesn't laugh or smile anymore and I blame these girls for making her so sad all of the time, and the thing i

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  10. Screen time limits for children

    Are we losing our children to their screens? Babies know how to swipe a screen before they can walk and most teenagers are clocking up 6 hours screen time a day. We are surrounded by screens, be they TVs, computers, tablets, games consoles or smart phones. There's no doubting the phenomenal benefits

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