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  1. Why is your teenager so tired?

    Many teens love their beds. You can’t get them out of them on a school day morning and they think nothing of lying in at weekends until the afternoon. So how come they are still tired? It may look like teenagers sleep for a good portion of their lives but many aren’t getting enough shut eye. One sur

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  2. 10 teenage life skills

    Tempting though it may be to molly-coddle your teen and do everything for them, you're not doing them any favours when they have to live in the real world without you to look after them. The late teenage years are usually the time for them to leave home. You want them to be able to cope with all tha

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  3. Talking to your children about money

    Money isn't a dirty word but it can sometimes be tricky to talk to kids about it. Children need to learn the basics of earning, spending and saving money. But then there are the more challenging questions. Is it good to be rich? How much money do you earn? Having enough money certainly makes life ea

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  4. 10 healthy lunch box ideas for kids

    Lunch is an important meal in the day, providing energy and sustaining nutrients that should keep children going through the afternoon. If your child prefers to bring in lunch rather than having school meals, below you'll find a variety of healthy lunch box ideas that should appeal to even a fussy e

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  5. Tips for teaching teens to drive safely

    Riding shotgun with your teenager as they learn to drive is a rite of passage for many parents. Driving is an important skill to master and requires a lot of practice from them and patience from you. If you're not careful it can drive either one of you round the bend. Here are a few tips which may h

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  6. How to discipline your child

    It can be hard for parents to get the balance right when it comes to discipline. You don’t want to come across as a full on sergeant major but neither do you want your kids to think of you as a push over. Discipline doesn’t mean punishment, it means teaching children the right way to behave. From pr

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  7. How to improve teenage behaviour

    Telling a teenager you aren’t happy with their behaviour is may end in temper tantrums, tears and more tension if you don’t handle it with care. If you can manage to do it in a way that they don’t actually feel you are telling them off, they are more likely to take it on board. It can sometimes requ

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  8. 10 common teenage behaviours

    When your tiny toddling boy is grasping your hand with so much love or your darling little daughter likes nothing better than spending time with you, it's hard to imagine a time when their affection and adoration turns to distain and eye rolling. Bring on the teenage years! Teenagers do get a bad 'r

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  9. Confidence boosting tips for teenagers

    All parents want their teen to be confident, to have good self esteem and to be comfortable in social situations. Self confidence isn't about being arrogant and brash, it's about having a belief in your abilities to deal with situations and having the resilience to bounce back from setbacks. It's to

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  10. Family fitness: Get kids moving for better health

    A key part of child health is instilling good lifestyle habits, such as healthy eating and exercise, into their routine at an early age. However, family fitness and exercise sessions can be difficult to organise - particularly when other activities, such as work and school, prove so time-consuming.

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