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  1. Tummy time

    Babies spend a lot of time on their backs. No matter how fascinating baby gyms and mobiles are, spending time on their tummies is important too. It builds muscles and helps with their development. With the success of the Back to Sleep campaign which recommends that babies always be put to sleep on t

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  2. Preparing your child for a new sibling

    Little kids aren’t always great at sharing, especially their mum and dad, so a new baby in the family can be regarded with suspicion, if not hostility, by your older child. There are plenty of ways to prepare your child for a new brother or sister beforehand so they don’t think of it as a demanding

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  3. Healthy breakfast ideas for kids

    It's drummed into us how breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it's often the busiest time of the day too. Children are rushing around getting ready for school and breakfast consists of grabbing a slice of toast or a biscuit as they disappear out of the door. Worse, it’s a packet of cr

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  4. Breastfeeding rights

    When you’re a breastfeeding mum and your baby’s hungry you need to feed them wherever you happen to be, sometimes that will mean feeding in public. At first new mums may feel a bit awkward but feeding can be done discreetly without fuss. Breast milk is always on tap at the right temperature, ready f

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  5. Uncommon childhood illnesses you should know about

    Part of being a parent usually involves wiping clean a toddler's running nose when they have a cold and comforting a child as they recover from vomiting or diarrhoea. Treating these common childhood illnesses often becomes second nature among parents – but there are other childhood illnesses that we

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  6. Boomerang children

    No sooner have you waved a tearful goodbye to your grown up kids then they’re back living with you. Many adult children who left home years ago to go travelling, start a job or go to college are back living under mum and dad’s roof. Relationship breakups, student debt and high unemployment coupled w

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  7. Effective praise for kids

    With four children, Sally Travis and her husband believe that understanding how and when to praise is a vital tool for bringing up kids. The couple from Hertfordshire are aware of a familiar parenting dilemma: do you praise just enough for your child to know it really means something or lavish the a

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  8. The ABC of playdates

    Once your child becomes a toddler a whole new social world starts to open up for them. You can organise playdates for your little one to boost their social skills and build bonds with people outside of the family. Planned well, these get-togethers with children of a similar age can be rewarding and

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  9. Bringing back family meal times

    Is dinnertime at your home a grab and go affair with everyone eating different food, at different times and in different rooms? Or do you all sit down when the clock strikes six with linen napkins and your clean and well-mannered children? For most families it’s probably somewhere between the two. I

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  10. Helping divorced parents avoid mistakes

    Splitting up is hard on everyone but especially on children. Being a child in the middle of divorcing parents can feel like the whole world has been turned upside down. It is possible to break up and minimise the emotional damage for your children if you take steps to avoid these five common mistake

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