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  1. Part-time jobs for teenagers

    I saw a paperboy at the crack of dawn the other Sunday. Well I say boy but he looked late 40s and a bit grumpy to be honest. Then it clicked, he was the regular paperboy's dad. One of the drawbacks of your teenager getting a part time job and not being able to get out of bed on time, you may have to

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  2. 12 great things about parenting a teenager

    Remember your old life pre-kids? Well when you have teens you get a bit of it back. Children no longer need you to entertain them and be with them constantly. They much prefer their friends' company to yours which means you can sit and read a book for a couple of hours or go to the gym. You can leav

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  3. Are you ready for a second child?

    There's no right time to have a second child. There's no perfect age gap that makes family life easier or avoids sibling rivalry. The decision is down to your own choice and circumstances. There are things you may like to think about before getting to work on number two. More and more families are s

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  4. Making friends as a new mum

    After the birth whirlwind has settled and you know one end of your baby from the other you might be thinking about making some mum mates. If you haven't got existing friends with babies you might have to find some new ones. Gulp! It can be pretty daunting. The cool mums in the park all seem to know

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  5. Making fitness fun for teens

    According to UK Active the UK's inactivity rates are among the very worst in Europe, with around 30% of adults classed as inactive. Moreover, 63% of adults in the UK aren't meeting recommended levels of physical activity, compared to just 28% in Germany and 33% in France. As for kids, there’s even m

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  6. Tummy time

    Babies spend a lot of time on their backs. No matter how fascinating baby gyms and mobiles are, spending time on their tummies is important too. It builds muscles and helps with their development. With the success of the Back to Sleep campaign which recommends that babies always be put to sleep on t

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  7. Preparing your child for a new sibling

    Little kids aren’t always great at sharing, especially their mum and dad, so a new baby in the family can be regarded with suspicion, if not hostility, by your older child. There are plenty of ways to prepare your child for a new brother or sister beforehand so they don’t think of it as a demanding

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  8. Healthy breakfast ideas for kids

    It's drummed into us how breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it's often the busiest time of the day too. Children are rushing around getting ready for school and breakfast consists of grabbing a slice of toast or a biscuit as they disappear out of the door. Worse, it’s a packet of cr

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  9. Breastfeeding rights

    When you’re a breastfeeding mum and your baby’s hungry you need to feed them wherever you happen to be, sometimes that will mean feeding in public. At first new mums may feel a bit awkward but feeding can be done discreetly without fuss. Breast milk is always on tap at the right temperature, ready f

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  10. Uncommon childhood illnesses you should know about

    Part of being a parent usually involves wiping clean a toddler's running nose when they have a cold and comforting a child as they recover from vomiting or diarrhoea. Treating these common childhood illnesses often becomes second nature among parents – but there are other childhood illnesses that we

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