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  1. Girls and friendship

    Deep and lasting friendships can develop at the pre-teen to early teen stage, but there may be issues along the way. Also it's a time that often heralds the start of girl cliques which can be hard to understand and painful to negotiate. From late primary school onwards girls are finding out who they

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  2. 12 tips to help your child be a good sport

    'Winning's not everything, it's the taking part that counts'. It's something parents say to children, especially when they've lost. But realistically, if children are involved in sport, they want to win. Being victorious is a brilliant feeling, but you can't come first every time and kids need to be

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  3. Sharing school holidays with your ex

    School holidays can sometimes be a logistical nightmare when it comes to childcare, even more so when parents are split up and both of you work. If you plan ahead, involve any wider family and try to sort it out without too many old tensions arising, your kids can enjoy their time off school and may

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  4. Setting limits for toddlers

    It's not fair on your child if you don't set limits for them, according to parenting experts. A child needs guidance and boundaries so that they know how to behave and what's acceptable. You need to keep rules simple enough for your pre-school child to understand and always be consistent. Young chil

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  5. Healthy Christmas gifts

    Christmas can be a time of over-indulgence and excess, so choosing a healthy gift for a loved one for them to enjoy in the New Year will often go down well. Thoughts may turn to resolutions once the last strawberry crème has been scoffed and waistbands are feeling a little snug, so pick an appropria

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  6. 7 life skills that children need to learn

    The temptation as a parent is to do everything for our kids. After all, it's quicker, we'll do it better and we want to protect them. But they have to fly the nest some day, so it pays to make sure they're well prepared. What are the key skills that parents can teach their children? We asked parents

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  7. Why do kids bully?

    What makes a bully? It's a complex question with a variety of possible explanations. Bullies can cause severe psychological and physical harm to their victims at the time and for many years later. There's no excuse for it. Nothing can justify bullying and bad behaviour. Helping and supporting victim

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  8. 10 signs of stress in kids

    A child's life may seem simple - no work, no bills, no responsibility but kids of all ages still get stressed. When they learn new skills or have fresh experiences they may feel a certain amount of stress, which is normal and is a part of learning, but other aspects of a child's life can cause anxie

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  9. 10 teenage life skills

    Tempting though it may be to molly-coddle your teen and do everything for them, you're not doing them any favours when they have to live in the real world without you to look after them. The late teenage years are usually the time for them to leave home. You want them to be able to cope with all tha

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  10. Why is your teenager so tired?

    Many teens love their beds. You can’t get them out of them on a school day morning and they think nothing of lying in at weekends until the afternoon. So how come they are still tired? It may look like teenagers sleep for a good portion of their lives but many aren’t getting enough shut eye. One sur

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