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  1. Alcohol and your child

    Sitting your child down to have a chat about the dangers of alcohol may seem a bit hypocritical if as a parent you enjoy a drink yourself. In fact your child may already have had alcohol because 14 and a half is the average age for children in the UK to have their first unsupervised drink, according

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  2. Preparing your daughter for her period

    Starting your periods is an important milestone in a girl’s life but it can be a bit scary and embarrassing if you’re not prepared. It’s important to talk to your daughter about what happens so that when the time comes she will know what to expect and what action to take. BootsWebMD spoke to Paul Ca

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  3. Just the one: The joys and challenges of only children

    I'm spoilt, selfish and socially inept. It's all my parents fault for not providing me with a genetic playmate. That's bunkum (hopefully) but it's a common myth that still exists when it comes to only children. We aren't all Violet Beauregarde or Little Lord Fauntleroy, far from it. Plenty of studie

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  4. The teenage guy’s guide to gaining muscle

    The toned torsos, six-packs and rippling biceps of sports stars and celebrities can’t do much for the body image of the average teenage boy, but if you’re a guy in your teens, you have body-building advantages they would love to have. During your teenage years, you’re in a phase of your life when yo

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  5. Mother-daughter bonding

    No one loves you as much as your mum and in some cases no one has the capacity to irritate you as much either! The mother-daughter relationship is one of the most, if not THE most, important relationships in your life but there are times when it can be volatile. Mums are usually the main care givers

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  6. X-rays and scans for kids

    X-rays and CT scans can seem daunting and a bit scary for children. Parents too may worry about safety because of the use of radiation to produce images of inside the body. However, they can be an essential tool in working out what’s wrong with your child. X-rays are used to check for broken bones,

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  7. What to eat and avoid when breastfeeding

    As soon as you have your baby most of the pregnancy diet restrictions are lifted. Bring on the blue cheese, home-made mayonnaise and liver pate! In truth you can eat most things when breastfeeding. Even better news milk production burns around 500 extra calories a day, so you’re doing the equivalent

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  8. Breaking kids' bad food habits

    Is the back of your car littered with empty crisp packets with biscuit crumbs all over the seat? That's life for many parents as they ferry their busy kids back from school, clubs and activities. Kids are as busy as adults these days so it's easy to grab and eat on the go. It's not hard to fall into

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  9. Tips for long distance grandparenting

    A survey, conducted by the charity Care for the Family, found that nearly half of the respondents used to see their own grandparents daily or weekly when they were children. However, grandparents today are more likely to see their grandchildren only once every three-months. That is not because grand

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  10. Top tips for travelling with a baby

    The thought of travelling any distance with your baby may fill you with dread, but with a bit of planning and preparation it should be a breeze. The physical sounds and motions of travelling tend to induce sleep in babies so you're halfway there. If you know what to expect and have the right baby st

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