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  1. Teens, drugs, alcohol and privacy

    Parenting a teenager can be a balancing act, you want to look after them and make sure they are safe, but you don't want to strong arm them and invade their privacy. If you notice a change in your child's behaviour, if they are more withdrawn or are going out more often with new friends, it may just

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  2. 10 tips to create a peaceful home

    Your home should be an escape from the outside world. Ideally a retreat where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Unfortunately that's not always the case. Your home can feel just like another area of your life that needs sorting out rather than the peaceful enclave that you wish it was. We'v

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  3. 5 body changes for teenage girls

    Periods, body hair and acne - growing up can be embarrassing when all sorts of things are happening to your body that you have no control over. You are not alone. Puberty comes to us all at some time or another. It's when you change from a girl into a young woman. Don't worry it doesn't happen overn

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  4. 10 top tips for breastfeeding in public

    If you are a breastfeeding mum, unless you want to be stuck at home for months there comes a time when you'll have to venture outside and may need to breastfeed in public. Breastfeeding is totally natural and there's a legal right to breastfeed in a public place but even so some women can feel awkwa

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  5. How to stop your child biting their nails

    Nail biting is a fairly common habit in childhood. Kids may bite their nails because they are bored or restless. It may be because they are anxious or worried about something. If it's severe, it could be classed as a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. It's hard to say for sure how many children

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  6. Staying the night

    What do you say if your teenage child asks if their boyfriend or girlfriend can stay the night? Gulp! It's a question you probably don't know the answer to until you are faced with the dilemma. Is there a right and wrong answer? No. It really depends on your family and what you as a parent feel comf

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  7. The ABC of sleepovers

    Most children love sleepovers but parents may just endure them, counting the long hours until they can hand their small, sleep-deprived guests back to their parents. Who even called them sleepovers? Not much actual sleep goes on. It is mainly snacking, giggling and staying awake as long as possible.

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  8. Weaning your baby onto solid food

    Imagine the sweet sensation of tasting a banana for the first time or the texture of carrot when up until now you've just drunk milk? Introducing first solid foods is fun for babies and parents, even if a fair amount ends up around their face, in your hair or sprayed onto the floor! When your baby i

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  9. How to handle exam stress

    Exams can cast a dark shadow over the lives of today's teens. Children are used to being tested at school but GCSEs and A levels are perhaps the most feared as they have the most riding on them. For teenagers the sunny days of late spring and early summer are often coloured by the dreaded revision a

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  10. 9 worst foods for kids

    The foods children love to eat most are often not the healthiest for them. A fair few of the worst food culprits are often found on the 'children's menu' at restaurants. It's not just the obvious foods, some products that appear to be a healthy option are not what they seem. Top of most kids' food w

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