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  1. Pretend play

    Many toddlers these days are tech-savvy, able to master the TV remote, computer games and hand held consoles from a very early age. Despite living in this world of gadgetry experts believe children should also be encouraged to have fun in the world of their own imagination. Kids love playing dressin

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  2. Keeping kids safe from pesticides

    The garden shed is a magical place for little children. To them it can be a castle, a palace or a spaceship but the dangers that lurk within are far from make believe. It’s the place where the weed killer and lawn treatment chemicals are usually stored. Often sheds are the dumping ground for unused

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  3. Preventing and treating school bugs

    Schools in winter are a hothouse for germs. When it's cold outside those stuffy classrooms are a prime breeding ground for nasty colds, coughs and stomach bugs. Bugs go around schools like wildfire. It's like dominoes - if one child goes down, the rest tend to follow. There are ways to limit your ch

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  4. Can kids exercise too much?

    What should you do if your 10-year-old wants to go to the gym? Or your teen goes on daily runs even though she does daily after school sport too? Getting exercise is good for children - they need at least 60 minutes a day but is there such a thing as too much too soon? The truth is the majority of c

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  5. Pocket money for kids

    Pocket money can be a thorny issue. When should you start giving it to your children? How much should you pay and should there be strings attached? Don't believe your child when he tells you all of his friends get lots of cash every week to spend on anything they want and they don't have to do chore

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  6. Baby-wearing, breastfeeding and co-sleeping

    What sort of parent you are is determined to a large extent by what you are like as a person. Some may adopt a disciplined, rule-based approach to parenting or others may choose a more touchy-feely, child-orientated style. There's no definitive manual for bringing up a baby but for most of us it's t

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  7. Helping kids cope with embarrassment

    Children face many learning activities in their early years, but one that parents may often overlook is how a child deals with embarrassment as they get older. In the first three or four years, most children are not fully aware of their interactions with adults and other children. It's only when the

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  8. Top tips for travelling with a baby

    The thought of travelling any distance with your baby may fill you with dread, but with a bit of planning and preparation it should be a breeze. The physical sounds and motions of travelling tend to induce sleep in babies so you're halfway there. If you know what to expect and have the right baby st

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  9. FAST parenting

    Help may be at hand for us guilt-ridden, time-poor parents who always think we’re not quite up to the mark! Parenting is fantastic, rewarding and the most important job in the world but sometimes it’s tough, challenging and time-consuming. A new parenting technique called FAST could be the answer to

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  10. Choosing a family dog

    If a goldfish or hamster just won’t cut it with the kids as a family pet you may be thinking of getting a dog. You won’t be alone as there are eight million pet dogs in the UK. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. You have to be really committed to looking after a dog as it may be part of your f

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