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  1. Keeping kids active this summer

    When school is out for summer, kids are in their element. No more homework, no sticky classrooms, just the prospect of long, hot (maybe!) days stretched out before them. By the time the summer holidays come around, many kids are frazzled and just need a couple of days to recharge their batteries and

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  2. 10 top tips for breastfeeding in public

    If you are a breastfeeding mum, unless you want to be stuck at home for months there comes a time when you'll have to venture outside and may need to breastfeed in public. Breastfeeding is totally natural and there's a legal right to breastfeed in a public place but even so some women can feel awkwa

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  3. How to stop your child biting their nails

    Nail biting is a fairly common habit in childhood. Kids may bite their nails because they are bored or restless. It may be because they are anxious or worried about something. If it's severe, it could be classed as a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. It's hard to say for sure how many children

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  4. Staying the night

    What do you say if your teenage child asks if their boyfriend or girlfriend can stay the night? Gulp! It's a question you probably don't know the answer to until you are faced with the dilemma. Is there a right and wrong answer? No. It really depends on your family and what you as a parent feel comf

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  5. The ABC of sleepovers

    Most children love sleepovers but parents may just endure them, counting the long hours until they can hand their small, sleep-deprived guests back to their parents. Who even called them sleepovers? Not much actual sleep goes on. It is mainly snacking, giggling and staying awake as long as possible.

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  6. Children’s chores

    If it feels like you are the one bearing the brunt of domestic chores in your home it may be time to share the load - with your children. Giving kids chores not only lightens your workload, it also encourages teamwork and discipline. They get to understand they are an important cog in the family whe

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  7. 8 things your teenager needs from you

    If you live with a teenager you may think all they need from you are lifts and cash, but far from it, your teenager needs you more than they are ever likely to admit. Your teen still needs your love and affection. Even if they feel they are too big for the hugs and kisses of childhood, they still ne

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  8. Teenagers and parties

    Most teenagers love to party. Their lives tend to revolve around their friends, and parties are a great way of spending time together and having fun. Just because your teenager's going to a party doesn't necessarily mean they'll get drunk, take drugs, have unprotected sex and get a lift home in a ca

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  9. 9 worst foods for kids

    The foods children love to eat most are often not the healthiest for them. A fair few of the worst food culprits are often found on the 'children's menu' at restaurants. It's not just the obvious foods, some products that appear to be a healthy option are not what they seem. Top of most kids' food w

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  10. Helping children cope with change

    Children love routines and rituals. They like knowing what to do, where to go and what to expect. But things in life change: it could be a house move or going to a new school. It could be a change in living arrangements; perhaps a parent's new partner is moving in. Although you may be looking forwar

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