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Treatment & care

Diabetes treatment is essential for diabetes patients. Find out what’s needed for diabetes care.


Lifestyle management, medicines and insulin are all ways that diabetes can be treated.

People with type 1 diabetes aren’t the only ones who use insulin. Learn how insulin is used to treat various forms of diabetes.

Diabetes medication is designed to lower blood glucose levels, and there are several types of medicines that work in different ways to achieve this.

Find out more about the types of insulin used to treat diabetes.

An insulin pump is an alternative to injections for some people with type 1 diabetes.

Learn more about how to deal with an insulin overdose and other insulin complications.

Is a continuous glucose monitoring system right for you?

In islet cell transplantation, insulin-producing beta cells are taken from a donor's pancreas and transferred into a person with diabetes. Find out more about this long-term diabetes treatment.

Learn more about diabetes treatments, and why it's advisable to avoid any product that claims to be the new ‘cure’ for diabetes.

Can weight loss surgery help people with type 2 diabetes? Find out more here.

Learn more about treatments for peripheral neuropathy.


Learn why it’s so important for diabetes patients to take care of their feet, and find tips for daily foot care.

Read more about skin care tips to avoid infection and other diabetes complications.

Though many patients use an insulin pen or a non-needle injection system, you may need to use an insulin syringe. Find out how.

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