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Faulty diabetes blood glucose test strips warning

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Farah Ahmed

15th August 2013 - The medicines regulator MHRA is warning people with diabetes about batches of faulty glucose test strips.

A fault in some of the GlucoMen LX Sensor blood glucose test strips could mean that people could overestimate the amount of insulin they need to take.

The strips are used with the GlucoMen LX and GlucoMen LX PLUS blood glucose meters made by Menarini in Italy.

They haven't been sold in the UK since November 2012, but the MHRA says it's possible that some of the unused faulty blood test strips may still remain in people's homes.

Checking lot numbers

Just over 1.7 million test strips in the affected lots were sold to pharmacies in the UK between October and November 2012.

People can check if they have the affected test strips at home by looking for the lot numbers below on the tubs of test strips:

  • Lot 3212219249, expiry date 31 August 2014
  • Lot 3212214249, expiry date 31 August 2014


Free replacements

In a statement, John Wilkinson, the MHRA's director of medical devices says: "This fault has been resolved and the two affected lots of faulty test strips have not been sold in the UK since November."

There is no evidence that any patients in the UK have been adversely affected by the faulty test strips.

Anyone with the faulty test strips at home should call the manufacturer Menarini on 0800 243667 and they will provide free replacements.

John Wilkinson says that if people have questions, "they can contact their GP, diabetes clinic or another healthcare professional who can give them advice about what alternative test strips they can use".

Reviewed on August 15, 2013

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