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  1. More children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

    14th August 2017 -- Type 2 diabetes used to be seen as an adult only condition in middle age - but latest figures show it now affects more than 600 children in England and Wales. That's a rise of 14% in one year according to figures compiled by the Local Government Association. One diabetes charity

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  2. Immunotherapy promising for type 1 diabetes

    11th August 2017 – Immunotherapy is similar to a desensitisation technique already in use for allergies, and now researchers say it is showing promise for delaying the progression of type 1 diabetes. According to the results of a clinical trial, it may be possible to "retrain" the immune system to s

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  3. Regular drinking linked to lower diabetes risk

    28th July 2017 – Some previous research has suggested that men and women who drink small or moderate amounts of alcohol might be at reduced risk of diabetes than those who abstain. Heavy drinking, on the other hand, seems to boost the risk to at least that of non-drinkers. Now, a new study has exami

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  4. Early menopause linked to increased diabetes risk

    19th July 2017 – Women who start the menopause early in life have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who undergo the menopause later than usual, according to a study in the journal Diabetologia. The research builds on previous studies by the same team in the Netherlands that sugg

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  5. Skipping diabetes checks 'can double death risk'

    13th July 2017 – People with diabetes who skip their annual checks could be doubling their risk of dying prematurely, according to data published by NHS Digital. Diabetes UK says it underlines the importance for patients to ensure they have at least the 9 potentially life-saving checks recommended b

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  6. Most of us not eating our 5-a-day, survey finds

    12th June 2017 – Most adults in the UK eat nowhere near the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day, a survey has revealed. The research commissioned by Diabetes UK also found that many of us are confused by what a portion actually means. "About 66% of adults that were surveyed are e

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  7. Sugary drinks changes affect diabetes hypo recovery

    30th May 2017 -- While a reduction in the amount of sugar in soft drinks is good news for most people, Diabetes UK is warning it could catch out people who need a sugar boost after a 'hypo'. Manufacturers are changing recipes for many soft drinks to help tackle obesity, after prompting from health o

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  8. A 2-week lazy holiday 'could be a health risk'

    17th May 2017 – Lazing around on a summer holiday increases the risk of a range of health problems, UK researchers are warning. Results of a small study led by the University of Liverpool show that just 2 weeks of inactivity for young, healthy people can lead to muscle wastage and bring about change

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  9. Cold weather reduces pregnancy diabetes risk

    15th May 2017 - Colder weather and outside temperatures can reduce the risk of developing diabetes in pregnancy, known as gestational diabetes. According to Canadian research the outdoor air temperature has a direct link to the risk of gestational diabetes, and for every 10C rise in temperature, wom

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  10. Diabetes and obesity linked to brain changes

    28th April 2017 – Overweight and obese people with type 2 diabetes may have a higher risk of progressive brain problems such as dementia compared to diabetic people who are a healthy weight, according to a study. Researchers in South Korea and the United States looked into how being overweight or ob

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