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  1. Most of us not eating our 5-a-day, survey finds

    12th June 2017 – Most adults in the UK eat nowhere near the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day, a survey has revealed. The research commissioned by Diabetes UK also found that many of us are confused by what a portion actually means. "About 66% of adults that were surveyed are e

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  2. Sugary drinks changes affect diabetes hypo recovery

    30th May 2017 -- While a reduction in the amount of sugar in soft drinks is good news for most people, Diabetes UK is warning it could catch out people who need a sugar boost after a 'hypo'. Manufacturers are changing recipes for many soft drinks to help tackle obesity, after prompting from health o

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  3. A 2-week lazy holiday 'could be a health risk'

    17th May 2017 – Lazing around on a summer holiday increases the risk of a range of health problems, UK researchers are warning. Results of a small study led by the University of Liverpool show that just 2 weeks of inactivity for young, healthy people can lead to muscle wastage and bring about change

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  4. Cold weather reduces pregnancy diabetes risk

    15th May 2017 - Colder weather and outside temperatures can reduce the risk of developing diabetes in pregnancy, known as gestational diabetes. According to Canadian research the outdoor air temperature has a direct link to the risk of gestational diabetes, and for every 10C rise in temperature, wom

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  5. Diabetes and obesity linked to brain changes

    28th April 2017 – Overweight and obese people with type 2 diabetes may have a higher risk of progressive brain problems such as dementia compared to diabetic people who are a healthy weight, according to a study. Researchers in South Korea and the United States looked into how being overweight or ob

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  6. Type 2 diabetes 'may be reversible in 4 months'

    16th March 2017 – New evidence has emerged to support the idea that type 2 diabetes might be reversible. Canadian researchers say they have demonstrated that it is possible to put patients into remission in as little as 4 months. However, they say it involves intensive medical treatment and lifestyl

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  7. Screen time 'raises child diabetes risk'

    14th March 2017 – Limits on children's screen time to reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes may be appropriate, a study has concluded. Researchers say the need for action may be particularly urgent, since their findings are based on 10-year old data when children didn't have access to smar

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  8. Diabetes monitoring with a patch

    2nd March 2017 – There's a new way for people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels which doesn't rely on finger prick blood tests. What it does use is a sensor on the arm and the kind of technology used in contactless bank cards. The new-style monitor licensed for use in the European Un

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  9. Fasting diet for diabetes 'could repair pancreas'

    24th February 2017 – A form of fastingdiet for people with diabetes could help repair cells in the pancreas, new research suggests. 'Rebooting' the organ in this way could help insulin-producing cells repair themselves and start producing the hormone. Insulin is needed to help keep blood sugar level

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  10. Severe gum disease may be early sign of type 2 diabetes

    23rd February 2017 – Severe gum disease may be an early sign of type 2 diabetes, according to a new study undertaken in Amsterdam. The researchers are suggesting, as a result of their findings, that screening patients for type 2 diabetes when they're at the dentist would be feasible and worthwhile.

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