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  1. Slideshow: Obesity and diabetes around the world

    Obesity and type 2 diabetes often go hand in hand, and both are becoming more common worldwide. See how each affects countries around the world.

  2. Slideshow: What you can drink, as well as water, when you have diabetes

    Here are versions of your favourite classic drinks you can enjoy when you’re managing type 2 diabetes.

  3. Type 2 diabetes slideshow: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of type 2 diabetes

    A pictorial overview of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

  4. Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes prevention tips

    Prediabetes can be a wake-up call. Get tips on tackling prediabetes and preventing type 2 diabetes.

  5. Slideshow diabetes eye problems

    Learn more about diabetic retinopathy and other diabetes eye problems

  6. Blood sugar swing slideshow

    Black coffee begins our slideshow of surprising blood sugar contributors. Foods, spices, gardening and even your boss can make blood sugar levels jump or dip.

  7. Slideshow: Diabetes management in 10 minutes

    See 11 simple ways to better manage your diabetes. From tips on controlling blood sugar to diet and exercise, see fresh new ideas.

  8. Diabetes dining slideshow

    If you have diabetes, watching your weight and what you eat is an essential aspect of managing your condition and staying well. Get tips here on diabetes dining from BootsWebMD.

  9. Diabetes foot problems slideshow

    This BootsWebMD slideshow on diabetes related foot problems looks at complications such as nerve damage, infection and ulcers.

  10. Type 1 diabetes slideshow

    A pictorial overview of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of type 1 diabetes.

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