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Worst celebrity diets for 2013 named

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Sheena Meredith

23rd November 2012 - The British Dietetic Association has revealed its annual top five worst celebrity diets.

With the over indulgence of the festive season looming, many people will embark upon a new year diet. The BDA is concerned some people will take bad weight loss advice from diets reported to have celebrity backing.

Dropping out of this year's top five are the Baby Food Diet, Raw Food Diet and the Blood Group Diet.

New entries are the KEN (Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition) Diet, Party Girl' IV Drip Diet and The 6 Weeks to OMG Diet.

Taking diet advice from celebs

Why do people take diet tips from celebrities? Sian Porter, consultant dietitian and BDA spokesperson tells us: "There's the aspirational aspect: she looks like that, I want to look like that too.

"You can have a tiny little bit of that stardust."

However, the reality of what people read about may not match the facts, Sian says. "That's quite sad. Often they're aspiring to something that doesn’t exist, because of airbrushing, stylists and plastic surgery."

Also, celebs won't be tackling a diet on their own. "Those people have a team of people around them to help them. A lot of celebrities have a chef and personal trainers."

1 Dukan Diet

The BDA says Carole Middleton, Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen are reportedly fans of this diet. The Dukan Diet is, the BDA says, a complicated four-phase diet starting with a no carbs/protein only period for rapid weight loss.

2012 was a bad year for the diet's founder Dr Pierre Dukan. He took his name off the French medical register after being criticised for linking weight loss for teenagers to exam success.

The BDA says there is little solid science behind his diet plan, which restricts food groups, calories and portion sizes. "It's really complicated. It's not a great one." Sian Porter tells us.

Cutting out food groups is not advisable, the BDA says. Dr Dukan himself has admitted the plan can have side effects including a lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.

Being number one for another year has not gone down well with the Dukan Diet’s representatives. Helen Davies, a spokesperson for the Dukan Diet says in an emailed statement: "To brand the Dukan Diet - which has helped thousands, if not millions of people around the world, over 30yrs, battle obesity - the faddiest diet, is utter rubbish. The BDA's only criticism of the Dukan Diet is that it's 'confusing, time-consuming [and] very rigid' - some would say this is a very necessary part of changing any sort behaviour pattern - and somehow the BDA judge this to be worse than feeding yourself via a drip or replacing food with alcohol?"

The BDA says the main criteria for choosing the diets is the volume of calls from the media it gets about them.

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