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Slideshows related to digestive disorders

  1. Diarrhoea, wind and problem food and drink slideshow

    Find out which food and drink can trigger diarrhoea, wind and other digestive problems in this slideshow from BootsWebMD.

  2. Slideshow: Best and worst foods for haemorrhoids (piles)

    If you have piles (haemorrhoids) are some foods more helpful than others? Get the facts here.

  3. IBS slideshow: A visual guide to irritable bowel syndrome

    A quick overview of IBS symptoms, causes, medicines, and trigger foods – along with lifestyle tips for managing this common, but disruptive, bowel condition.

  4. Slideshow: 8 Digestive health supplements

    See supplements to help digestive health, including probiotics, psyllium, ginger and more.

  5. Slideshow: Facts and myths about constipation

    Constipated? See why you may be having problems with your bowel movements and whether fibre, water and exercise can help with constipation relief.

  6. Slideshow: Digestive myths debunked

    BootsWebMD debunks common digestive myths about chewing gum, beans and wind, and more.

  7. A visual guide to coeliac disease

    Diarrhoea, fatigue and skin rashes can be symptoms of coeliac disease - learn more here.

  8. Heartburn slideshow: Foods to eat, foods to avoid

    BootsWebMD’s heartburn foods slideshow shows which foods may help or worsen heartburn or GORD, and shows how other habits may also worsen heartburn symptoms.

  9. Steps to support digestive health slideshow

    Treat your body well with these simple tips for peak digestive health. See how to deal with diarrhoea, wind, reflux and more.

  10. Slideshow: A visual guide to heartburn and GORD

    Take a visual guide through the digestive system to see how heartburn starts, and how it can be stopped.

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