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Hepatitis C - Questions to ask your doctor

BMJ Group Medical Reference

Finding out that you have hepatitis C can be a shock. You'll probably have lots of questions.

Here are some questions you may want to ask your doctor.

  • What tests will I need to have?

  • Do I need to have a small piece of my liver taken out and checked under a microscope (a liverbiopsy)?

  • What type (genotype) of hepatitis C do I have?

  • Are there any signs that my liver is damaged?

  • If I decide to have treatment, which one is best for me?

  • What can I expect during treatment?

  • Does the treatment have side effects?

  • If I decide not to have treatment yet, how will you watch my condition?

  • How likely am I to get rid of the hepatitis C virus if I have treatment?

  • Do I need to tell my employer that I have hepatitis C?

  • How can I be certain not to pass the virus to anyone else?

  • What can I do to stay as healthy as possible?

  • Can I drink alcohol?



Biopsy is when doctors remove some tissue from a part of your body, so that it can be examined under a microscope.


Your liver is on the right side of your body, just below your ribcage. Your liver does several things in your body, including processing and storing nutrients from food, and breaking down chemicals, such as alcohol.


Viruses are microbes (tiny organisms) that need the cells of humans or other animals to exist. They use the machinery of cells to reproduce. Then they spread to other cells in the body.

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For references related to Hepatitis C click here.
Last Updated: September 18, 2013
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