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Walking is a simple way to stay fit and healthy. Follow the links below to find BootsWebMD's comprehensive coverage about walking and how it can improve your health, from whittling your waistline to strengthening your heart and much more.

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Thumbnail: Walking 'could prevent premature deaths'

More than 36,000 premature deaths each year could be avoided if everybody in England walked more, a new report says.

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Thumbnail: NHS at 65 - 'Exercise is a form of medicine'

She is a firm believer that exercise is a medicine that can prevent disease as well as improve the health of people with long-term illnesses.After 23 years in the NHS, Ms Gates is convinced that using exercise as a form of treatment could be the most cost-effective measure ever introduced.She set up Exercise Works! in 2010 to train health professionals at home and abroad on using exercise as a form of therapy.Fittingly for someone who believes exercise has a role in the future of healthcare, her first exercise programme was inspired by US space agency NASA.

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