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  1. Brain training: Does it work?

    In 2000, researchers at University College London discovered something remarkable: London cab drivers have a larger posterior hippocampus (part of the brain involved in long-term memory) than people who don't drive taxis for a living. The researchers also found that the longer the cab drivers had be

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  2. 10 top nutrition tips for older people

    A good diet and keeping healthy is not just for the young. As we get older it's just as important to eat well to stay well. We have different nutrition needs and key nutrients to focus on as we age. It's never too late to make tweaks and changes that may give you a better quality of life or even a l

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  3. Top 10 signs of malnourishment in older people

    Eating well can be a struggle for older people sometimes. There are lots of different reasons why eating well can be challenging as you get older, but being undernourished – often called malnutrition – can affect your quality of life. In fact more than a million older people in the UK are malnourish

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  4. It's never too late to get active

    Do you want to know the secret of a healthier and happier life? It's not winning the lottery or a new wonder drug - it's plain old exercise! Staying active as you age can help prevent illness and disease, ward off depression and helps you stay independent. The UK is getting older, 1 in 6 is currentl

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  5. Am I too old for yoga?

    You are never too old to take up yoga. In fact yoga benefits you as you age. It can help ward off the physical limitations that sometimes come as you get older. It helps relieve stiffness, improves balance and makes you physically stronger. Many long-term yoga devotees never stop. The world's oldest

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  6. Keeping in shape over 60

    Staying trim and keeping fit is a good goal whatever your age. It's true it can be harder to keep the weight off as you get older but there's no need to use being 60 plus as an excuse to let it all hang out! The same basic rules apply whatever your age. Burn more calories than you eat. Enjoy a healt

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  7. What's the best thing about getting older?

    With so much emphasis on 'anti-ageing', we tend to assume that old age is something to be dreaded. But recent figures on happiness and life satisfaction show that people aged 60 to 80 feel happier than most other adults - and much happier than those aged around 40 to 55. So what's their secret? A sl

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  8. The health benefits of how we used to live

    As a nation we are fatter, eat more junk food and are less physically active than we were a generation ago. So can we learn lessons from the past? What did we used to do back in the day that made us healthier? In days gone by, more children walked to school than they do now. In fact, the school run

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  9. Getting the care you need to stay independent

    Most older people would prefer to continue to live in their own homes, but some need more help to make that possible. Whether it’s a bit of help around the house, or more intensive personal care, you don’t have to struggle without help. This information is aimed at older people wanting extra support

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  10. Which matters most - genes or lifestyle?

    Do the choices you make every day really improve your chance of a long and healthy life, or is your health written in your genes? The news is full of reports that scientists have found 'the gene for obesity' or other genes that affect health. So is there any point in exercising and eating your green

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