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Quizzes related to healthy eating

  1. Quiz: Dessert damage control?

    Stop! Step away from the cake! See how much you know about sensibly satisfying your sweet tooth with this desserts quiz.

  2. Quiz: Food safety myths and facts

    Should you cut off that mouldy piece of cheese and eat the rest? What’s the best way to thaw chicken? Find out in this food safety quiz.

  3. Quiz: Test your BBQ skills

    Ready to fire up the barbeque? Try this BootsWebMD quiz to test your BBQ champ skills first.

  4. Quiz: Breakfast and your health

    Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Learn how it affects your weight, heart health and more.

  5. Quiz: The sweet truth about ice cream

    Quiz: The real scoop about ice cream. Find out what’s in ice cream, how bad it is, and why we love it.

  6. Fish quiz: Fact or fiction?

    Take this quiz about fish to see how much you know about omega-3s, raw fish, nutritional values, mercury levels, and wild vs. farmed fish.

  7. Quiz: How much do you know about fats and oils?

    Quiz: How much do you know about fats and oils? Get the facts on healthy and unhealthy fats and oils with this BootsWebMD quiz.

  8. Quiz: The truth about tea

    Which tea has the most antioxidants? Are hot and cold tea equal? Take this BootsWebMD quiz and find out.

  9. Which is best? Fresh, frozen or tinned?

    Does it make a difference if your fruit and vegetables are fresh, frozen or tinned? Find out with this BootswebMD quiz.

  10. Quiz: The truth about bread

    Find out if bread is bad for you, where you should keep it, and what to look for on labels in this quiz.

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