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Colgate® ProClinical® A1500 – the first toothbrush in the UK that automatically adjusts

The new Colgate® ProClinical® A1500 is the first electric toothbrush in the UK to automatically adjust

With unique smart sensors, this breakthrough technology automatically adjusts the speed and cleaning actions to clean your teeth and gums. It uses sonic wave cleaning technology to clean with up to 32,500 strokes per minute. This removes 5x more plaque along the gumline after 12 weeks, providing you with a superior clean for teeth and gums*.

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*vs. a manual, flat-trim toothbrush

Additional highlights of the A1500

Smart SensorsBuilt-in sensors that change the speed and cleaning actions of the electric toothbrush depending on how it's held in the mouth.

Auto AdjustTechnology that uses smart sensors to automatically adjust the speed and cleaning action of the electric toothbrush head.

LED displayAllows the user to see which mode the electric toothbrush is in and when it's being held at a 45 degree angle.

Manual mode selectionAllows the user to change the speed and brushing action of the toothbrush head manually.

PolishesRemoves stains from teeth.

Interdental cleanUnique toothbrush heads help provide cleaning deep in between teeth.

2-minute timerDesigned to turn off when you reach the dentist-recommended two-minute brushing time.

30-second pacerPauses every 30 seconds to indicate when the user should move to another quadrant in the mouth.

Travel caseCarrying case to allow easy portability of the electric toothbrush.

Discover the new Colgate® ProClinical® A1500

The A1500 electric toothbrush features smart sensors that automatically adjust the speed and cleaning actions of the brush strokes for a superior* clean, so you get different cleaning and care for your teeth and gums.
*vs. a manual, flat-trim toothbrush

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30-Day ChallengeTry the Colgate® ProClinical® electric toothbrush for 30 days from date of purchase. If you are not satisfied with this product, return it within 45 days of purchase for a refund of the purchase price (shipping and handling excluded). You must return the product in its original box with all contents: handle, refill brush heads, charger, and travel case (if applicable), together with the original receipt showing this product was purchased in the United Kingdom. Please allow 6-8 weeks for handling. Please contact Colgate Consumer Affairs Centre, 00-800-321-321-32.

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