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Colgate Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening lightens or removes surface stains and discolouration caused by exposure to darkly pigmented foods and beverages, such as wine, coffee and tea.

There are numerous ways to whiten your teeth, and there's no one right way. Your results will depend on your natural tooth colour, the type and degree of staining you have, and the type of whitening method you choose.

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Whiter Teeth in 5 Days

Colgate® Max White Expert is different as most toothpastes only help remove recent, surface stains but Colgate® White Expert's unique formula is designed to go deeper. It helps remove deep-set stains and reverses years of yellowing:

  • Whitens teeth in 5 days
  • With professionally designed ingredients to reverse years of yellowing caused by food and drink
  • Enamel friendly for daily use

Colgate® Max White Expert significantly whitens teeth after 4-8 weeks by acting on intrinsic stains deep below the teeth's enamel. 7 in 10 women who tried it, agreed that after just two weeks their teeth were visibly whiter as a result of using the product.*

Max White Expert

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Most other sensitive toothpastes primarily numb the pain; Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief + Whitening works by plugging the channels that lead to sensitive tooth nerves, to block the pain. With regular use, it builds a long-lasting protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity. Its low abrasive formula gently effectively removes stains, helping to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Colgate Pro-relief

Is Teeth Whitening for me?

Teeth whitening is suitable for many people; however, teeth whitening will not lighten crowns, bridges or fillings, and some brown or grey stains are difficult to remove, so it's not the best option for everyone.

Daily Care Considerations

Teeth whitening is not a one-time solution. If you continue to expose your teeth to substances that stain, you may need to use teeth whitening treatments periodically. You may also want to consider using a straw to drink beverages that stain and avoid wearing orange- and brown-based shades of lipstick. Pink-based shades will make your teeth appear brighter.

* Expert White ICPT France Report 2014

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5 stars

"Feels like it really works"

"Not many toothpastes leave you feeling clean and fresh for the whole day, but this one really does. Highly recommended."


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5 stars

"Brilliant product"

"Since I started using Colgate Total twice a day, I haven't had to have any treatment at the dentist…Well done."


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5 stars

"Excellent with my gums"

"Gum improvement almost immediately…very satisfied with this toothpaste. Thank you, Colgate."


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5 stars

"A fantastic toothbrush"

"One of the best toothbrushes I have ever used, leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh. Love the power modes on this."


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5 stars

"Now my smile gets noticed"

" teeth have never been so clean, to the point that some have mentioned that my smile looks brighter."


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5 stars

"Dentist recommended for instant and lasting relief"

"After initial use with Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste, my patients told me that there was an instant and noticeable effect. I now recommend it as the first line of treatment for sensitive teeth."

-Gary Smyth, Dentist, Wigan

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5 stars

"So easy to use"

"Slight angle of the head makes it easy to reach the back teeth...Teeth and mouth felt as though they had had a 'proper clean'"


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5 stars

"Best toothpaste ever"

"I absolutely love this toothpaste. It has a very soft, silky texture and a lovely truly minty flavour which is not too overpowering. My teeth feel squeaky clean after I've used it. It's a bit early to say if it makes my teeth look whiter as I've only used it for 5 days but some slight staining I have on the back of my teeth is beginning to fade. I will definitely continue to use it when this tube runs out."

-AnnieR's review of Colgate Max Expert White

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5 stars

"Fresh breath confidence!"

"Having used previous mouthwashes, this Colgate Plax mouthwash is the one I have re-purchased and will continue with. It gives me a lovely minty tingle, leaving my mouth fresh and my teeth clean."


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5 stars

"Great. Full dose of fluoride!"

"Great product. I use this myself as well as for my children. A gentle, fresh mint taste with a full dose of fluoride! Recommended."


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5 stars

"best toothpaste I have ever used"

"This product is the best I have ever used it is very effective and a good long lasting tasting toothpaste, Teeth are white and breath feels very fresh. It gives you confidence."


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5 stars

"My teeth felt really clean after using this"

"The best thing about this toothpaste was the really clean feel after using it. The toothpaste starts off white but it begins to foam in the mouth and turns blue. The toothpaste seems to get into every little space between your teeth and makes your mouth feel amazingly fresh and clean."


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5 stars

"Fresh breath for hours"

"My family love this toothpaste ,my children love the fact it turns blue,which makes them want to brush more, your breath feels fresh for longer, my teeth feel clean."


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5 stars

"What a great idea"

"The toothbrush has a slot in the handle to hold the whitening pen. Saves you losing it. The whitening agent is refreshing and easy to use."


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5 stars

"whiter teeth"

"Like the toothbrush , a bit different! The whitening gel seems to have made a difference to my teeth in less than a week can't wait to see the difference after I have been using it longer."


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5 stars

"easy to use"

"Have tried this for a week and so far seems to be working will wait and see after the 3 week it reccomends but will definitely be using in the future."


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5 stars

"Whiter brighter teeth"

"I have used whitening toothpastes for several years but could never really see the difference, so I was keen to try Colgates new whitening pen. I haven't used it for 3weeks yet, but I am sure my teeth are whiter and brighter. It is so quick and easy to use, and the fact the pen is stored in the toothbrush means I never forget to apply it. I would definitely recommend this for a whiter brighter smile"


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5 stars

"Brighter smile"

"I really enjoyed using the toothbrush. Looking at the texture of the bristles I was worried it was going to be too firm on my teeth, but I was pleasantly surprise. I could actually feel the difference in the brush on my teeth and it actually made me feel 'squeeky' clean, the sections in the middle of the brush (not actually bristles but more sqaure type pieces) really felt like they were scrubbing my teeth. The whitening pen is easy to use & stores nicely in the handle of the brush. My teeth looked whiter and had a lovely shine to them."


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5 stars

"New year resolution whiter teeth"

"I was very sceptical about the claims made about this product,but I'd looked into getting my teeth done professionally but the cost was to great. But I was pleasantly surprised easy to use ,and it wasn't just me noticing the difference my family did to, great affordable alternative."


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