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8 tips for shiny hair

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

Models and celebs seem to get their hair so ultra-sleek and shiny, but can us mere mortals ever hope to achieve such a look? No problem. Our top hair experts have given us their tips to let it shine.

Shiny hair screams health and vitality and it's true that the better your general health, the better the overall condition of your hair - but there are ways to enhance the gloss.

Some people have a natural mirror-like sheen but whatever your hair type there's plenty of scope for shine.

Hair shines when it reflects light. When the cuticles on the hair shaft are lying flat it's easier for light to bounce back and give the gleam. That's why curlier hair is often less shiny than straight.

1. Pick the right shampoo and conditioner

If super shine is your aim, pick a shampoo and conditioner with shine-enhancing qualities. They may contain oils to nourish the follicle and keep it flat or they may contain silicone.

A clarifying shampoo may help once in a while if you have a lot of build-up of products on your hair and your usual moisturising and conditioning treatments aren't working as well as they were. They in themselves won't encourage shine but will remove any gunky build up from your locks that may be reducing the effectiveness of other shine treatments.

2. Deep condition

Treat your hair to a deep condition. You might want to do this in the bath, apply the treatment then wrap your hair in cling film and let the heat from your head and the conditioner work its magic.

Jo Hansford runs one of the UK's leading hair salons. Her A list clients include the Duchess of Cornwall, Angelina Jolie and Liz Hurley. Jo says: "Condition is absolutely paramount for shiny hair, It's impossible to achieve shine when you hair is dry and damaged. Weekly nourishing masque treatments are a great way to boost the condition of your hair and good hair colour will also enhance shine."

3. Good haircut

Having a good haircut can accentuate the shine. Split ends won't shine in the same way as blunt ends. Award winning hairdresser Lee Stafford says: "Hair becomes shiny when there is an even reflection of light on the hair cuticle, so when the cuticles are flattened right down that is when light reflection or shine is at its optimum. Hair shines most when it is in great condition so make sure to get frequent haircuts every 8 weeks."

4. Cold rinse

One way to encourage shine is to finish off your hair washing with a cool rinse. Cool water will smooth the cuticle. So as a final step just turn the shower down a few notches and give it a colder blast.

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