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  1. 10 bad habits that lead to dry skin in winter

    When the cold weather hits it can play havoc with your skin, but winter skin doesn't have to be dry and flaky. You may have fallen into the wrong routine without even realising it. By breaking the bad habits your skin can be supple and moisturised despite the season. Your light and oil free moisturi

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  2. 7 tips to keep hands looking young

    No matter how smooth and wrinkle free your face or how gym-toned and lithe your body - your hands may be giving your age away. Your poor hands! If you think of all they do plus the fact they get washed umpteen times a day, it's no wonder they can look a bit forlorn sometimes. You can look younger wi

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  3. Skin lighteners

    Skin lightening treatments can be effective but they can also be harmful. There's a world of difference from a cosmetic product you can buy on the High Street that brightens and evens out your skin tone to an illegal lightener containing potentially dangerous bleaches and steroids. It's a controvers

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  4. Moisturising dry skin

    To answer frequently asked questions about moisturising dry skin we spoke to consultant dermatologist and spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation, Dr Tamara Griffiths: Dry skin is common, especially in the winter months and is characterised by a slightly rough, dull complexion and sometimes a t

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  5. How long should you keep make-up?

    Take a look inside your make-up bag. Are there just a few essential items all bought quite recently? Be honest, like most women, are there a few trusty favourites from years gone by? It might be time to chuck out that blue eyeliner you’ve had since school or the block mascara you have to spit in! A

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  6. Eat well and look great this summer

    When the sun's out and skies are blue it gives us a mood boost, but summer can also give us a beauty boost if we eat well. Summer brings lots of in-season fresh produce, including many natural beauty foods. "Summer can be a lot easier for healthy eating, it lends itself to lighter foods," says dieti

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  7. 10 ways to wreck your skin

    Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it takes a lot of abuse. Constantly exposed to the elements, your epidermis (and the layers beneath) can really take a beating, especially if you're guilty of the following skin sins. Want to preserve your skin? Here's what not to do: There was a time

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  8. How to turn limp locks luscious

    Just because you have limp hair doesn't mean you can't give it body and volume. With a bit of knowhow and a few expert tips your stringy strands will be looking big and bouncy in no time! BootsWebMD spoke to hair experts for their advice - award winning hairdresser Lee Stafford and top hair expert S

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  9. Do eyelashes grow back?

    Do eyelashes grow back? get answers from Dr Rob Hicks.

  10. How to get beautiful eyebrows

    Eyebrows are having a bit of a moment. They're no longer an afterthought in your beauty regime but an important part of defining your look. At the moment bold and bushy is the order of the day. Think the Duchess of Cambridge, Cara Delevingne and Keira Knightley. It's all down to individual choice, y

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