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  1. HIV drugs 'give near-normal life expectancy'

    11th May 2017 -- Having antiretroviral treatment for HIV at an early stage can extend a person's life expectancy close to that of someone without the virus, according to a study. Having an HIV diagnosis used to mean a person would usually have a greatly shortened lifespan as their immune system weak

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  2. Scotland funding anti-HIV drug

    11th April 2017 -- Scotland has become the first part of the UK to fund an HIV prevention drug on the NHS. PrEP - pre exposure prophylaxis - is the name given to a drug offered to adults who don't have HIV - but have a higher chance of getting it. In 2015, a study in the Lancet found that PrEP was 8

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  3. Decision on 'life changing' HIV drug

    5th December 2016 – A drug hailed as a 'game changer' that can substantially cut the risk of being infected with HIV is to be given to patients in England by the NHS. The decision comes after the NHS lost a legal battle over funding of the drug, PrEP. Aids charities have welcomed the announcement. P

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  4. NHS 'responsible for HIV drug', say judges

    10th November 2016 – The Court of Appeal has upheld a judgement that NHS England has the legal power to commission HIV medication hailed as 'game changing' prevention strategy against the virus. NHS England had previously said that local authorities should be responsible for providing pre-exposure p

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  5. Could UK scientists find a way to eradicate HIV?

    3rd October 2016 - A collaboration between some of the top biomedical researchers in the UK may be making progress towards finding a cure for HIV. This month marks 6 years since five leading research establishments agreed to cooperate to try to find a solution to one of the world's greatest health c

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  6. High court rules in favour of HIV campaigners

    2nd August 2016 - The High Court has overturned NHS England's refusal to consider supplying PrEP, a revolutionary treatment that could prevent the transmission of HIV, to people at risk - but is the battle over? The charity NAT (National AIDS Trust) took NHS England to court in its campaign for peop

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  7. Prince Harry's HIV test boosts home testing project

    27th July 2016 – A trial scheme to get more people to check their HIV status with free home test kits has been boosted by Prince Harry taking a test live on Facebook. Terrence Higgins Trust began offering the BioSure instant tests free of charge for a limited time by promoting the service through so

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  8. UK's first successful HIV kidney transplants

    5th May 2016 -- The UK's first successful kidney transplants from an HIV-positive donor to two HIV-positive recipients have taken place at London's Guy's and St Thomas' hospital. The charity Terrence Higgins Trust has described the operations as 'pioneering' and is encouraging more HIV positive men

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  9. Should 'at risk' healthy gay men get HIV drugs?

    14th January 2016 - Giving antiretroviral medication to healthy gay men could lead to a marked decline in HIV rates among men who have sex with men, according to a study in the Lancet HIV journal. Although antiretroviral drugs cannot cure the disease, they can keep the HIV virus in check and prevent

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  10. Highly effective way to prevent HIV transmission

    10th September 2015 - Truvada, an antiretroviral drug, has been shown to be 86% effective in preventing new cases of HIV in a high-risk gay population, according to a new study published in The Lancet. It has long been known that antiretroviral drugs are an effective prophylaxis against HIV. Antiret

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