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Prostate, enlarged - What are the symptoms of an enlarged prostate?

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As you get older, your prostate can get bigger and cause troublesome symptoms.

The first thing you may notice is that you have to urinate more often during the day or at night. Unfortunately, many men ignore these symptoms. They think these problems are just a normal part of getting older. But this isn't true.

BPH can start to get you down. You may feel tired because you never sleep through the night. Or you may feel anxious during the day if you're not close to a bathroom. This anxiety can disrupt your usual routine. For example, you may stop playing sports or stop going to the cinema or public events.[15] You may also be concerned that you could have a serious illness.

It's important to get these symptoms checked out. Some BPH symptoms are similar to those of more serious conditions, such as prostate cancer. Also, your doctor may be able to give you some simple advice that can help your symptoms without any treatment. (See What can I do to help relieve my symptoms?)

Here's what you may feel if you have an enlarged prostate:

What you experience What your doctor calls it
Having to wait before you start urinating Hesitancy
Stopping and starting when urinating Intermittent stream
Having to push or strain to urinate Straining
Having a weak flow or weak stream of urine Weak stream
Feeling like your bladder's never quite empty Residual voiding
Having to urinate more often than before Frequency
Finding it difficult to put off urinating Urgency
Having to get up at night to urinate Nocturia
Dribbling at the end of passing urine Terminal dribbling
Being desperate to urinate Urge incontinence

Over time, your symptoms may become worse, especially if your urethra (the tube that empties your bladder) gets blocked. What usually happens is that your bladder doesn't empty completely, so urine is left in your bladder. This may lead to more severe symptoms. See Complications of an enlarged prostate for more information.

If you are diagnosed with BPH, your doctor may give you a questionnaire that asks about your symptoms. Doctors use this questionnaire to measure how severe your symptoms are when you are first diagnosed. They can then compare your 'symptom score' before and after treatment to see whether a treatment is working. For more about this questionnaire, see How your doctor may measure your symptoms.


For references related to Prostate, enlarged click here.
Last Updated: October 08, 2012
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