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Mental health specialists

A number of different types of doctors, specialists and therapists may be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.

In some cases a  GP will refer a patient to a mental health specialist for assessment and treatment.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT): The therapist helps to change people's attitudes and their behaviour through focusing on our thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes and how these relate to the way we behave as a way of dealing with emotional problems. CBT is available on  the NHS in some areas.
  • Psychologists: Psychologists are experienced in counselling for psychological and emotional issues. Specialist areas include relationships counselling, relaxation therapy,  stress management and  sex therapy.
  • Psychotherapists and psychoanalysts: Psychoanalysts are similar to psychologists and help with  emotional issues. Therapy involves helping the person to understand their problems better, and how they can change future thinking or behaviour.
  • Psychiatrists: These doctors specialise in the treatment of mental, emotional or behavioural issues. Psychiatrist are also able to prescribe medications to help with mental health conditions.


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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on August 04, 2016

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