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  1. Doctors 'to apologise for mistakes'

    22nd August 2014 -- The General Medical Council is planning tougher sanctions against doctors who make mistakes that harm patients. Doctors could be forced to apologise or face stricter measures. One patients' charity broadly welcomed the proposals, but said a forced apology is not a real apology. T

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  2. Social media 'fuels doctor complaints'

    21st July 2014 – Social media and other negative press coverage could partly explain a rise in complaints against doctors and other health professionals, according to new research. Enquiries made to the General Medical Council about doctors’ fitness to practise rose from 5,168 in 2007 to 10,347 in 2

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  3. New safe staffing plans for nurses

    15th July 2014 – Hospitals in England will be following a new guideline on safe staffing levels for nurses. After a public inquiry into the Mid Staffs hospital scandal, ministers asked NICE to look at nursing levels to ensure there is adequate coverage to meet the basic care of patients. Both the Fr

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  4. A&E strain from lack of GP appointments

    30th June 2014 – It's estimated that in 2012-2013 there were nearly 5.8 million visits to A&E in England because people couldn't get a timely GP appointment. The conclusion has come from exploratory analysis by researchers at Imperial College London and funded by the National Institute for Health Re

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  5. Funding cuts 'threaten GP services'

    25th June 2014 – Funding cuts and overwork are threatening GP services to patients, say doctors' leaders. In a speech to British Medical Association delegates,  Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the BMA’s GP committee, says GP services are at breaking point and warns that the future of many GP practices a

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  6. Personal Independence Payments 'fiasco'

    20th June 2014 -- Changes to benefits for disabled people and those with health conditions "has been nothing short of a fiasco" according to the Commons spending watchdog. The Public Accounts Committee says problems with Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) resulted in significant delays, a backlog

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  7. Is your doctor baffling you with jargon?

    19th June 2014 – Doctors may be baffling patients with medical jargon, according to the Royal College of GPs. It has published a report saying 43% of all adults in England find the health advice given to them by doctors and health professionals too complicated. Terms like 'chronic' cause confusion.

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  8. Antibiotic resistance a local and global threat

    The discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century transformed medicine. Pneumonia and many other infections that had often been deadly were now usually cured, saving millions of lives. Further discoveries followed, including medicines for infections caused by parasites, viruses, and fungi. Most of us

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  9. At a glance: online map of the nation’s health

    You may occasionally hear that a particular condition or illness is more common in one part of the country than in another. For example, you might expect people living in sunnier areas to have more chance of getting skin cancer. Or perhaps people in large cities might be more likely to have illnesse

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  10. New GP hours 'will benefit more than 7 million'

    14th April 2014 – Extended opening hours for GP surgeries in England will benefit more than 7.5 million people, the Government has announced. Ministers say many more people than originally planned will be able to see a doctor outside normal working hours, including late at night and during weekends.

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