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  1. NHS watchdog 'treats patients as time wasters'

    16th January 2017 – Patients who complain to the health service watchdog about poor care by the NHS in England are treated like time-wasters, says a report. Others have complained that staff at the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) are rude and dismissive. The Patients Association, w

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  2. Patients 'at risk of infection from full hospitals'

    16th December 2016 – Patients in England are being put at risk of infection because hospitals are so full, a health think tank is warning. Analysis by the Nuffield Trust found that pressure on beds in the NHS is so severe that on any day last winter, the equivalent of more than 5 extra hospitals' wo

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  3. Approval for 3-parent IVF treatment

    15th December 2016 – Permission to create babies from 2 women and 1 man has been granted by the UK's fertility regulator. The controversial technique, developed at Newcastle University, uses genetic material from a 'second mother' to repair faulty DNA. This can help prevent babies being born with de

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  4. Surge in cases of winter vomiting bug

    13th December 2016 – Cases of the winter vomiting bug in England are up by 55% on the same period last winter, official figures show. However, Public Health England (PHE) says the large increase is misleading because cases of the bug were unusually low last year. The number of confirmed cases of the

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  5. NHS considers sugary drinks ban

    9th November 2016 – The NHS in England is asking health workers and the public whether it should take steps to cut sales of sugary drinks in hospitals. The consultation seeks views on whether to impose a 'sugar tax' on vendors or whether to move to an outright ban on NHS premises. NHS England's chie

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  6. The tests or treatments doctors say you don't need

    24th October 2016 – Patients are being sent for too many unnecessary treatments and tests, say senior doctors. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has drawn up a list of 40 procedures it says are of little or no benefit to people. It covers issues as diverse as cancer, children's wrist fractures a

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  7. Compensation fund for birth injuries announced

    17th October 2016 – Parents in England whose babies are injured during birth may be eligible for payment from a compensation fund under plans being discussed by the government. Consultation is taking place on a rapid resolution and redress (RRR) scheme which would mean families would have an alterna

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  8. Do receptionists put you off seeing your GP?

    11th October 2016 - Almost 4 in 10 patients say that having to discuss their symptoms with a receptionist could put them off booking an appointment with their GP, according to a study. This is one of the three most significant barriers to seeking treatment that have emerged in a survey of almost 2,0

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  9. Junior doctors lose High Court contract case

    28th September 2016 – Junior doctors in England have lost a legal battle with the government over the imposition of a new working contract. The group Justice for Health launched a legal challenge which argued that health secretary Jeremy Hunt's decision to impose new work and pay conditions from Oct

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  10. Manuka honey 'could reduce catheter infections'

    27th September 2016 – Manuka honey could hold the key to keeping flexible tubes used in hospitals bug-free, says a UK study. The findings published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology suggest that even low dilutions of this honey can curb the activity and growth that can build up on any surface, in

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