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  1. Medicine leaflets 'unreadable', say patients

    20th June 2017 – Information leaflets packed into medicine packets should be rewritten, say experts, who heard that patients find them "impenetrable" and "unreadable". The Academy of Medical Sciences says there is too much emphasis on the possible side-effects and not enough information on the benef

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  2. Call for further improvements in sepsis care

    31st May 2017 – The care of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock is improving but treatment is still not being provided fast enough, according to a national clinical audit. The report by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) looked at what happened to 13,129 adults who sought treatm

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  3. NHS cyber-attacks FAQs

    15th May 2017 -- Dozens of NHS organisations in England and Scotland were hit by cyber-attacks to their computer systems - but what's known about these attacks and the risk they pose? Read our FAQs. A cyber-attack is an attempt to breach or hack into an organisation's computer systems. NHS Digital d

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  4. Hospital sugary drinks ban comes a step closer

    21st April 2017 – A spoonful of sugar is supposed to help the medicine go down, but there'll soon be fewer sugary drinks on sale in NHS hospital shops in England. It's after some leading suppliers agreed to cut sugary drinks sales to 10% or less of their total drinks sales on NHS premises by April 2

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  5. NHS is 'waving the white flag', say surgeons

    31st March 2017 – Surgeons have likened NHS plans to save money by abandoning waiting times for elective surgery as "flying the white flag". The NHS in England says patients may have to wait longer for non-emergency surgery, such as hip replacements and knee operations, in order to prioritise other

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  6. Funding review for some NHS prescription items

    28th March 2017 – Fish oils, skin rubs and some gluten-free foods are among a list of items that may become unavailable for NHS prescription in England under proposals to save money. NHS England has ordered a review after clinical commissioners identified £400 million of potential cost-saving to the

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  7. Weekend hospital operations 'not riskier'

    22nd March 2017 – Concerns that patients undergoing emergency surgery at weekends have a higher chance of dying are unfounded, says a new UK study. Researchers in Scotland say days of the week for undergoing surgery don't seem to have a bearing on survival rates. However, some experts have said the

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  8. New drug affordability test 'unacceptable'

    16th March 2017 – Health charities and the pharmaceutical industry have criticised a new affordability test for medicines before they can be used in the NHS in England. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has approved a £20 million a year cap on the cost of new drugs in an a

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  9. Treat sepsis within 1 hour, says NICE

    10th March 2017 – People who arrive in hospital with symptoms of sepsis should be treated within an hour, the drugs and treatment regulator has decided. In a new draft quality standard, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says when high risk patients are not treated promptly

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  10. Call for national standard for end-of-life care

    1st March 2017 – National standards for palliative and end-of-life care are needed after a report revealed stark discrepancies in services across England. It found that some health trusts only budgeted for as little as 14p a day for each patient needing palliative care. The study, led by House of Lo

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