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  1. Doctors' strike: 'Avoid A&E if possible'

    26th April 2016 - People are being urged to avoid visiting hospital A&E departments unless there is a genuine medical emergency as junior doctors in England stage an all-out strike over 2 days in their dispute with the government over pay and conditions. Sporadic strike action has been taking place

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  2. Smokers and obese people 'being denied ops'

    22nd April 2016 - Smokers and overweight people in parts of England are being denied surgery in order to cut NHS costs, a report claims. The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) says that more than 1 in 3 clinical commissioning groups (CGCs) are either refusing to sanction routine operations, or delaying

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  3. GPs workload approaching saturation point

    8th April 2016 - The largest analysis of GP and nurse consultations to date has found that there has been an increase of 16% in GPs workload over 7 years, with more frequent and longer consultations. A report in The Lancet warns that increasing workloads are unsustainable and that general practice i

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  4. Junior doctors stage fourth strike

    6th April 2016 - Junior doctors in England are taking part in a 4th strike in their dispute over pay and conditions. Thousands of operations and appointments have been cancelled as the British Medical Association (BMA) prepares to launch a legal challenge to the government's decision to impose a new

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  5. Junior doctors to stage all-out strike

    23rd March 2016 - The dispute between junior doctors and the government in England is set to escalate after the British Medical Association (BMA) announced it would hold an all-out strike. The BMA says it is taking this action in response to the government's decision to impose a new contract. The De

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  6. Awkward patients 'more likely to be misdiagnosed'

    15th March 2016 - Doctors are more likely to get a diagnosis wrong if they are faced by a difficult patient, says new research. The findings suggest that the room for error is largest in complex cases but doctors can even misdiagnose some simple complaints when patients are pushy, awkward or even ag

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  7. Prescription charges going up again in England

    11th March 2016 - Prescription charges are going up again in England. The Department of Health says that from April, prescription cost will rise by 20p from £8.20 to £8.40 for each medicine or appliance dispensed. All NHS prescriptions are free in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, but people hav

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  8. Junior doctors on strike again

    9th March 2016 - Junior doctors in England have begun the first of three new 48 strikes in their dispute over new contracts. This is the third strike to take place so far. Thousands of operations and appointments have been cancelled since the strike dates were announced. Junior doctors are qualified

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  9. Hospital parking charges top drivers' hate list

    29th February 2016 - Parking charges at hospitals in England are the most loathed of all parking fees, a survey has revealed. Research by the RAC found that 64% of motorists resented paying to park in hospital car parks - substantially more than any other type of parking charge levied at motorists.

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  10. NHS alert: Ex-healthcare worker with hepatitis C

    23rd February 2016 -- NHS Lanarkshire is contacting thousands of patients treated by a former healthcare worker who has tested positive for hepatitis C. Health officials stress the risk of being infected during surgical procedures was small, but blood tests are being offered as a precaution. Hepatit

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