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  1. Double hand transplant 'is a UK first'

    22nd July 2016 – A 57-year-old man has become the first person in the UK to undergo a double hand transplant. The operation on 57-year-old Chris King from Doncaster is said to have been a success, according to a surgical team led by Professor Simon Kay at Leeds General Infirmary. Mr King, who lost b

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  2. Are you a ghost patient who could be deregistered?

    21st July 2016 – Doctors' leaders are expressing concern about new rules coming into force which mean that patients in England who haven't seen their GP recently are at risk of being taken off the register. From next month, a list cleaning system operated by a private medical company will mean that

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  3. Government to impose junior doctors' contract

    7th July 2016 – The government has announced it will impose a new contract for junior doctors in England from October after the latest deal was rejected by medics in a ballot.  The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said that a phased introduction over 12 months was "the only realistic way" to end the i

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  4. Health records sharing scheme is scrapped

    7th July 2016 - A controversial scheme to share the health records of NHS patients has been scrapped by the government. The scheme was set up to pool medical notes into a central database which could be accessed by doctors, pharmaceutical firms and research bodies. The scheme was designed

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  5. Brexit: What could it mean for health?

    24th June 2016 - The future of the NHS featured prominently in the run-up to Thursday's referendum. While the Leave camp claimed cash that the UK currently gives to Brussels could be ploughed back into health services, Remain warned that economic turmoil from Brexit threatened the fragile finances o

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  6. Baby death investigations 'not good enough'

    10th June 2016 – The quality of local investigations into cases of stillbirths, early neonatal deaths and severe neonatal brain injuries in the UK are not good enough and need to improve, says a report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG). The government says the findings

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  7. Superbugs 'will kill 1 person every 3 seconds'

    19th May 2016 - Superbugs will kill 10 million people worldwide every year by 2050 unless urgent steps are taken to curb antimicrobial resistance, says a report. That's equivalent to 1 person every 3 seconds. The review by Lord Jim O'Neill says that antimicrobial resistance - or AMR - should be seen

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  8. Junior doctors' dispute 'settled'

    Editor's note - 5th July 2016 - Junior doctors have voted against accepting a new contract proposed by the government. 18th May 2016 - Talks between the government and junior doctors' leaders in England have been successful and a deal has been reached to end their dispute. Junior doctors and the BMA

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  9. Regional variations in UK stillbirths

    17th May 2016 -- A new report on perinatal deaths in the UK, that is stillbirths and the deaths of babies soon after birth, has found a small fall in deaths overall, but experts say there are wide regional variations. On average, 15 babies die each day in the UK before, during or shortly after (with

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  10. Hospital weekend effect 'a simplification'

    11th May 2016 – Part of the government's argument for wanting a 7-day NHS is challenged by two new studies that suggest having more doctors on duty at weekends will not, by itself, lead to fewer people dying at weekends. The main focus of the ongoing dispute between the government and the British Me

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