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  1. NHS: Boost in public satisfaction

    29th January 2015 – Public satisfaction with the National Health Service increased in 2014 to the second highest level in more than 30 years, according to the British Social Attitudes Survey. Last year, 65% of people said they were satisfied with NHS services, compared with 60% the previous year. Di

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  2. First organ transplants from a newborn baby

    20th January 2015 – Doctors have described how the first organ transplants from a newborn baby have been performed in the UK. The procedure involved a 6 day old baby girl who was born severely brain damaged. After her heart had stopped beating, her kidneys were donated to a suitable patient and her

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  3. A&E nurse 'safe staffing' rules

    16th January 2015 -- The health regulator NICE is recommending new nurse minimum staffing levels for A&E units in England to help ensure patient safety. The guidance is based on nurse-to-patient ratios depending on the seriousness of conditions being treated, and include two registered nurses to eve

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  4. Workers 'put off medical appointments'

    18th December 2014 -- Millions of UK workers are putting their health at risk by postponing important medical appointments because of their work, according to new research by the British Heart Foundation. At the beginning of the month the BHF polled more than 1,300 UK workers. It found that more tha

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  5. Are you in danger from Christmas?

    16th December 2014 – Car crashes, food poisoning and booze: just three factors that go towards making the festive season a particularly dangerous time of year. Official figures show that accidents and avoidable deaths peak between the week leading up to Christmas Day and the end of the third week in

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  6. What does the NHS 5-year plan mean for you?

    23rd October 2014 -- NHS England is setting out plans for the next 5 years, covering funding challenges, improving health and coping with an ageing population. What will the changes mean for you? Read our FAQs. The plans, called Five Year Forward View, have been put together to cover demand for NHS

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  7. Experimental drugs for patients 'a step closer'

    21st October 2014 – Proposed legislation that would make it possible for doctors to try out new treatments on certain patients that have not been subject to full clinical trials is due to be debated in parliament later this week. These patients will usually be those with cancers or rare and life-thr

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  8. Illness spurs interest in clinical trials

    16th October 2014 – Almost 9 out of 10 people say they would sign up to take part in clinical research if they were diagnosed with a disease or a medical condition, according to a poll. Research by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) found that the overwhe

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  9. Ban junk food ads, says Welsh health chief

    1st October 2014 – Consideration should be given to banning junk food advertisements to help tackle the growing problem of obesity among children, the chief medical officer of Wales says. In her second annual report, Dr Ruth Hussey also calls for a minimum alcohol price of 50p a unit to help prevent

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  10. Over 15% of antibiotics from GPs 'fail'

    26th September 2014 – Over 15% of antibiotic courses prescribed by GPs for common infections in 2012 failed, an increase of more than 12% over the last two decades, according to a study. Researchers from Cardiff University based their findings on almost 11 million antibiotic prescriptions handed out

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