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  1. Some NHS-approved health apps 'leak personal data'

    25th September 2015 - Some NHS-accredited health apps may be putting users' privacy at risk by leaking unencrypted health and personal information, an investigation has found. An estimated one and a half billion smartphone users worldwide have a health app installed and this number is set to treble

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  2. Failure to apologise tops patients' NHS complaints

    23rd September 2015 - Not getting a good enough apology when treatment goes wrong is the most common reason behind complaints about the NHS in England, it has emerged. It was the reason behind just over a third of cases dealt with by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) during 2014-

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  3. People hospitalised at weekends tend to be sicker

    6th September 2015 - Though fewer people are admitted into NHS hospitals at the weekend, they are more likely to be sicker and have a higher risk of death than patients admitted between Tuesday and Thursday. The BMJ has published a new analysis of the effect the day of a hospital admission may have

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  4. Action on antibiotic resistance

    18th August 2015 - Doctors and nurses should be encouraged to report instances when colleagues prescribe antibiotics inappropriately, under plans to minimise antimicrobial resistance. New guidance issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is also calling for patients to

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  5. Concern over operating theatre music

    5th August 2015 -- Music is often played while doctors carry out operations, but concerns have been raised over whether it can be too distracting. Researchers who watched 35 hours of video footage from 20 operations at two hospitals also saw louder tracks made it hard to hear what surgeons were sayi

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  6. New proposals for end of life care

    29th July 2015 - New proposals have been set out for the care of adults in England in the last few days of their lives. They include helping medical staff to spot when someone is dying and ensuring that the patient and their family are properly consulted. The draft guideline from the health watchdog

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  7. Warning over lack of support on hospital discharge

    21st July 2015 - Hospitals in England are discharging many patients too early, leaving them without the support they need and racking up costs for the NHS, a year long inquiry by a health watchdog has found. Other patients experienced delays in their discharge, and disputes between authorities over

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  8. Drop in organ donors leads to fewer transplants

    20th July 2015 - With the number of people in the UK donating organs for a transplant falling for the first time in more than a decade, the NHS is calling for everyone in the UK to make their wishes known on organ donation. Although 21.1 million people in the UK are already on the NHS Organ Donor Re

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  9. Hunt speaks of NHS changes and 7-day week

    16th July 2015 - The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has spoken about shortcomings in the NHS and his vision for reform during a speech at the health think-tank, the King's Fund, in London. Mr Hunt discussed the need for what he called "intelligent transparency" in the health service and his determinat

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  10. Some prescriptions to show cost to the taxpayer

    2nd July 2015 - The price of medications issued by the NHS is to be written on prescriptions costing more than £20 to encourage people to take their full course of treatment. From next year, these prescriptions will also carry the wording 'funded by the UK taxpayer' to remind people that they should

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