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  1. Failings in end of life care continue, says report

    20th May 2015 – People approaching the end of life continue to be let down by palliative care, says a report by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. The ombudsman, which makes final rulings when people complain about NHS services in England, says too many people who are dying, as well as

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  2. A 7-day NHS: PM spells out health plans

    18th May 2015 – David Cameron has set out his vision for the future of the NHS that will work for patients 7 days a week. In his first major speech since winning the general election, the Prime Minister chose a GP centre in the West Midlands that offers patients late night and weekend appointments t

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  3. Campaign to stop people being over-treated

    14th May 2015 – A scheme to spare people from over-treatment by the NHS is being adopted by the body that represents all medical royal colleges in the UK. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges says too many people are being diagnosed and treated for conditions that will never cause them harm. Writin

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  4. Private practice 'harms NHS care'

    6th May 2015 – Doctors should be barred from working in both private practice and the National Health Service because doing so harms the quality of NHS care, says a senior heart doctor. Expressing his personal view in an article in the BMJ, John Dean, a consultant cardiologist at Royal Devon and Exe

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  5. PM apology over infected blood

    25th March 2015 – Prime Minister David Cameron has apologised for an NHS screening error that led to thousands of people being infected with Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS through blood and blood products in the 1970s and 1980s. It follows publication of the Penrose Inquiry report which was commissioned a

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  6. Blood sample appeal for medical research

    23rd March 2015 – People in Scotland are being asked to allow any of their blood samples left over from routine clinical tests to be used for medical research. More than 55,000 patients have already signed up for the scheme run by the Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE). Organisers want to rec

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  7. Pharmacists could work from GP surgeries

    17th March 2015 – Plans to recruit pharmacists to work in general practice surgeries in England to help ease the pressure on GPs are being unveiled. The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) say the move could improve patient safety and care and red

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  8. New high-tech medical emergency vehicles for Wales

    16th March 2015 – A new fleet of high-tech medical vehicles for Wales is to go into service to allow doctors and consultants to treat medical emergencies at the scene and transport patients to hospital, in what is being hailed as a first for the UK. The Welsh Government says the fleet of Audi Q7 4x4

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  9. Prescription and dental charges to rise

    13th March 2015 – The cost of a single prescription in England is to go up 15p from £8.05 to £8.20 on the 1st April, the government has announced. Dental charges and the cost of other items will also rise. Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ministers say the higher charg

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  10. Long waits failing people with eating disorders

    23rd February 2015 – An in-depth report released today finds that people with eating disorders often wait more than 6 months for treatment to begin after finally being given a diagnosis – and the total financial and economic costs associated with eating disorders in the UK is estimated at around £15

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