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Dental health - Find an NHS dentist

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Help is available if you're having difficulty finding an NHS dentist. NHS dental services are growing steadily. Use this advice to get NHS care locally.

To get NHS dental treatment, just contact a practice that provides NHS dentistry and ask for an NHS appointment. If you're not sure whether the practice provides NHS care, ask.

Whether you need urgent treatment or just a check-up, if you're having difficulty finding an NHS dentist, you can call the 'dental access helpline' for your local Primary Care Trust (PCT). You can find details of dentists and your local PCT dental access helpline in the following ways:

  • Enter your postcode in the 'Services near you' box on the right hand side of this page to find your local NHS dental practices. This tool will also give your local Primary Care Trust's dental access helpline.
  • Text 'dentist' to '64746' or `NHSGO' from your mobile phone from the area where you need a dentist.
  • Call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

Shortages of NHS dental care exist in some places, but NHS services are growing steadily.

If the dental practice you first contact is full or doesn't provide NHS care, this doesn't mean that no NHS dental care is available locally. Always check via this website and/or the PCT helpline, as there will be other local practices that may be accepting new NHS patients.

Latest survey results show that 95% of people who tried to obtain an appointment with an NHS dentist within the six months leading up to March 2010 were successful.

Common Q and As

Read the answers to the most common questions people have about dental health including 'how do I complain about my dental treatment?' and 'what can I expect from my NHS dentist?'

Medical Review: August 10, 2010

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