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What is paracetamol used for?

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You can use paracetamol to:

  • Ease mild to moderate pain. For example, to ease headaches, sprains, toothache or the symptoms of a cold.
  • Control a fever (also known as pyrexia). For example, when you have the flu (influenza).

Use in children:

Babies and children can take paracetamol from the age of three months.

Occasionally, your GP or doctor may advise that your child can take paracetamol when they are under three months' old.

For example, one dose of paracetamol may be given to children 2-3 months of age if they have a high temperature following vaccinations. This dose may be repeated once after 4-6 hours . But any further doses should be on the advice of your GP or doctor.

Up to two doses may also be given to babies 2-3 months of age for other causes of fever or mild pain, as long as the baby weighs over 4kg and was not born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. However, if the high temperature does not get better or your baby is still in pain, speak with your GP.

Medical Review: August 30, 2008

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