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Overview & facts

Your skin doesn’t just sit there and look pretty. It’s busy protecting the rest of your body from bacteria and other invaders. Learn how your skin works.

Skin problems basics

See a picture of the skin and learn about common skin conditions.

Got any moles or freckles? How about skin tags, those little flaps of skin that hang off the body by a little stalk? Read about these common skin features.

Did you know that birthmarks can come in many different colours – including blue, pink, and purple? Read about pigmented birthmarks.

Port-wine stains, “strawberry marks,” and salmon patches (“stork bites”) are some of the types of red birthmarks. Learn their causes and treatments.

Learn the symptoms and types of common injuries to fingernails and toenails.


What is acne? What causes acne, and what doesn’t? Get the facts.

Read more about psoriasis here.

Scientists don’t know exactly how rosacea starts. But they do know about some rosacea triggers, including heat, alcohol, and emotional stress. Read more.

Menopause is one possible cause of night sweats. Learn more about other potential causes.

If you have a food allergy, the food you eat or touch can have an adverse reaction on your skin.

Are you at risk?

Learn about shingles and whether it is contagious. Are you at risk?


Do your skin a favour by learning how to avoid sun damage. Get sun safety tips for your skin.

Take action to help keep your psoriasis under control. These 10 tips may help you take action to keep your psoriasis under control.

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