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  1. Ways to control your rosacea

    The skin rash rosacea can be annoying and upsetting. Lots of people have it though, and there are plenty of things you can do to keep it under control. However, there is no cure that will get rid of it forever. It is not known what causes rosacea. Rosacea is a condition that causes a red rash on the

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  2. Scars and skin disease: The face of cinema evil?

    6th April 2017 – Dr Hannibal Lecter had hair loss, Darth Vader bore facial scars and the Wicked Witch of the West sprouted a verruca on her face. When it comes to villains on film, skin conditions are almost obligatory, it seems. Now, doctors have demonstrated that 6 out of 10 of the most infamous '

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  3. 3 in 5 teens say acne damages self-confidence

    24th March 2017 – Three out of 5 adolescents with acne say their self-confidence has been dented by having the condition, a survey has revealed. The poll of 525 young people also reveals that having acne led to them being bullied – even by family members – while a fifth have contemplated suicide. Ac

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  4. Better winter skin

    With cold temperatures out come the woolly jumpers and on goes the central heating. But cold weather, low humidity and hot houses can play havoc with our skin. We all need to protect it from drying out during the colder months - even more so if you have a particular skin condition. Eczema is a commo

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  5. The effects of stress on your skin

    Does your acne get worse during exams? Is your eczema more likely to flare-up when you are tense and anxious? Is your psoriasis triggered by a stressful event? If you have a skin condition you probably know the effects that stress can have on your skin. More and more doctors are aware of this mind a

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  6. Can acne help you age more gracefully?

    28th September – It may be a scourge of the teenage years, but having acne may mean you are better protected against the ageing process, according to a study. Scientists at King's College London found that people who had previously had acne were more likely to have longer telomeres in their white bl

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  7. Tackling teenage skin problems

    The teenage years can be stressful enough without the added burden of problem skin. To some extent it comes with the territory as most teens have trouble with their skin in one way or another. So if it’s getting you down, remember you’re not alone and there’s always a way to make things better. Spot

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  8. Expert Q and A: Fighting hair loss in women

    Many women with hair loss suffer in silence, altering their hairstyle to hide thinning or patches, but the sooner you seek care, the better the chances of successfully treating it, says Glenn Lyons, a fellow of The Institute of Trichologists and clinical director at Philip Kingsley. Here, Glenn Lyon

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  9. Looking after oily skin

    It's not just teenagers who have oily skin, for many people of all ages it's a fact of life. "Just as some people are tall and some people are short – some people have dry skin and some people have oily skin – it is part of the natural spectrum and is probably genetic in origin," says consultant der

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  10. 'Soak and smear' recommended for child eczema

    29th June 2016 - New research aims to help parents who have children with eczema decide how often they should be bathed. The issue has divided opinion between those who think that daily bathing following by the application of a moisturiser helps hydrate the skin and those who say infrequent bathing

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