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How to stop ringworm spreading

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Below are some simple things you can try that may help to stop you spreading ringworm to anyone else. These things may also help to stop you transferring the infection from one part of your body to another, or getting ringworm again after treatment.

  • Keep the skin around the infection clean and dry.

  • If you have athlete's foot as well as ringworm, treat your athlete's foot too. Fungi from your feet can spread to other parts of your body and give you ringworm again. To read more, see Athlete's foot.

  • Ringworm can be itchy, but try not to scratch. Scratching can break the skin and make infections with bacteria more likely. Scratching can also cause the fungi to spread around your body on your fingers.

  • Don't share towels or bedding. [9] Children with scalp ringworm shouldn't share hats, combs, or hairbrushes. To stop your child getting infected again after treatment, wash their combs and brushes with a disinfectant, such as diluted bleach. [10]

  • Some doctors recommend covering smaller patches of body ringworm with a plaster. This might help stop the infection spreading to other people. It may also help if you're self-conscious about how the rash looks. Children might prefer to have the rash covered with a plaster if they feel embarrassed about going to school.

  • Make sure you wash your towels, clothes, and bedding regularly. If you have groin ringworm, wear loose cotton underwear and change it every day.

  • If you're a man with ringworm on your face or beard area, and you shave, use disposable razors and throw them away after using them. You need to do this until the rash has gone, or you could infect yourself again with fungi from an old razor.

  • If you have several children and one has scalp ringworm, your doctor may suggest checking your other children to make sure they don't have ringworm too. [2] Doctors don't normally recommend keeping children off school once they've started treatment.

  • If you think a pet has ringworm, take it to the vet. [2] Ringworm on animals usually looks like a bald patch on their fur, although animals can sometimes carry fungi without any obvious signs. [3]



Bacteria are tiny organisms. There are lots of different types. Some are harmful and can cause disease. But some bacteria live in your body without causing any harm.

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Last Updated: June 21, 2012
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