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  1. Promising treatment for chronic shingles pain

    5th February 2014 – A new drug treatment has been found to be effective against postherpetic neuralgia - chronic pain resulting from nerve damage caused by shingles. The drug, called EMA401, targets a different pain mechanism to existing treatments and appears to have fewer side effects. The Shingle

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  2. Shingles vaccination programme a step closer

    22nd January 2013 - A shingles vaccination programme for older adults is a step closer, after the Department of Health signed a deal with a vaccine supplier. Government health advisers backed shingles vaccination in 2010, but it has been delayed while contracts were put in place to supply enough dos

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  3. Shingles vaccination programme delayed

    17th February 2012 - A national vaccination programme against shingles has been delayed because the Department of Health has been unable to obtain enough of the vaccine. In 2010 the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation recommended that people aged 70-79 years should be vaccinated against

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  4. Shingles may raise risk of stroke

    8th October, 2009 -- Adults with shingles are at increased risk of suffering a stroke, especially if they have shingles that affects the eyes, a study shows. The study is not the first to show an elevated stroke risk associated with shingles, but it is the first to quantify the risk, researchers say

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  5. Shingles: Special feature stories and news

    What you need to know about shingles' cause, latest treatments and the first shingles vaccine.

  6. Shingles: Latest health and medical news

    What you need to know about shingles' cause, latest treatments and the first shingles vaccine.

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