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  1. Womens hair loss slideshow

    Thinning hair and bald patches are surprisingly common in women. See the progression, causes, and treatments for this distressing condition.

  2. Slideshow: Pictures of parasites

    Get the facts about common parasites and their diseases. Learn about lice, nits, bedbugs, hookworms, ringworms, scabies and more.

  3. Slideshow: Tattoo problems

    From rashes to infections, it's easy for that trendy tattoo to turn into an itchy, scaly problem.

  4. Slideshow: Lumps and bumps: What's on my skin?

    Skin lumps and bumps can pop up from time to time. Learn what's normal and what to show a doctor.

  5. Slideshow: A visual guide to psoriasis

    Pictures help explain the itchy, red skin condition called psoriasis, including the symptoms, warning signs, causes and treatments.

  6. Slideshow: What your nails say about your health

    Subtle changes in the colour or texture of your fingernails may be a sign of disease elsewhere in the body. See what secrets might be hiding at your fingertips.

  7. Men's hair loss: Treatments and solutions slideshow

    Receding hairlines, thinning, bald spots -- learn to prevent further hair loss and make the most of what you’ve got. View solutions from hair products to surgery.

  8. Clear skin slideshow: Top tips to tame spots

    See the clear skin slideshow for tips on clearing up acne, blemishes and blackheads.

  9. Boils pictures slideshow

    Pictures show different types of boils, as well as the symptoms, causes, and treatments for these painful skin infections.

  10. How to care for childhood eczema

    Eczema can leave your child’s skin red, raw, and painful. Learn how to help soothe this itchy problem.

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