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Around one in four people in the UK experience illness on holiday, so it makes sense to plan ahead. Simple health and safety preparations can help you avoid the common travel illnesses that could affect your holiday, whether at home or abroad.

7 tips to make it less stressful

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Ebola FAQs

Ebola is a deadly but rare disease that's killed 95 people as of April 7th in an outbreak affecting 151 people in Guinea in Africa.

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Travel health: planning ahead

You’ve packed the camera, sun tan lotion and the condoms but did you remember some common sense?

Travelling abroad is an exciting experience but with so many things to see and do, the basics like health and safety are often taken for granted.

Roughly 17 million Britons go abroad in summer and about one in four of them fall ill. The most common problems are sunburn, diarrhoea, mosquito bites, accidents and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

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Travel tips for less stress

Travel tips for less stress

Travel and Stress Tips for staying calm and safe when you’re travelling

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