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  1. Painful periods quiz: What's your menstrual pain IQ?

    Test your knowledge of relieving menstrual pain caused by endometriosis, fibroids or other factors.

  2. Quiz: The secret life of hormones

    Hormones impact just about everything in your body. How much do you know about these chemical messengers?

  3. Quiz: Is my pee normal? Test your urine knowledge

    Can cranberry juice stop urinary tract infections? Is holding your pee bad? Can caffeine make you go? BootsWebMD tests your urine knowledge.

  4. Quiz: Is it fatigue or something else?

    Take this quiz to test your knowledge of dealing with chronic fatigue and acute fatigue: what’s normal, when to get help, treatments and solutions, conditions that may cause fatigue, and more.

  5. Quiz: Myths and facts about your moods

    Shake the blues with this quiz about your moods.

  6. Quiz: Fun facts about your hands

    Hands quiz: You use them every day, but do you know a lot about them?

  7. Quiz: Myths and facts about fatigue

    Really tired? Take this quiz to see how much you know about chronic fatigue. Find out about fatigue symptoms and the cause of your fatigue.

  8. Quiz: How bad is that bad habit?

    How bad is that bad habit? From unwashed hands to missed dental appointments, find out more in this BootsWebMD quiz.

  9. Quiz: The truth about the vagina

    Do you have all the facts about the vagina? Take this quiz and find out.

  10. Quiz: Are my breasts normal?

    Will breastfeeding make your boobs sag? Can your nipples give you an orgasm? Take this quiz and see how your bustline knowledge

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