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Overview & facts

Does your child have ADHD? Perhaps you or another adult family member suffers from ADHD. Learn about ADHD causes, the genetic link, and if ADHD can be prevented.

ADHD facts

Find out all about this common behavioural disorder that affects millions of children and adults.

Discover what to look out for and when to talk with your GP if a child has ADHD symptoms.

Discover the symptoms of ADHD in teenagers and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Many adults with ADHD are undiagnosed. Learn how untreated ADHD can affect careers and relationships.


Learn what role genetics, the environment, and watching TV play in causing ADHD.

Can food colours cause ADHD? Is sugar linked to hyperactivity? Get the truth about food colouring and ADHD.


From diet to behaviour management, learn about possible approaches to prevent ADHD.       

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