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Treatment & care

There are many breast cancer survivors, and modern medicine is a big reason for that success. Learn about breast cancer treatment and care.


Breast cancer treatments have come a long way in the past few generations. Get a general overview of treatment options for today’s breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer treatments will vary depending on the stage of the cancer.  Learn more about the different treatments for each stage.

This article provides in-depth information on breast cancer chemotherapy.

Radiotherapy (radiation) therapy is another way to help reduce the chance of cancer’s return.

Learn more about the different kinds of mastectomy: Preventive, partial and radical.

Learn more about surgical treatments for breast cancer including the lumpectomy and partial mastectomy.

Learn more about treatment options for men with breast cancer.

Hormone therapy may help curb the growth, spread, or recurrence of some types of breast cancer.

Biological therapy is a treatment option for some types of breast cancer.

After breast cancer treatment, follow-up care is important. Here’s an overview.  

Some complementary therapies, including meditation and acupuncture, may be worth discussing with your doctor to enhance, but not replace, conventional care.


New breast cancer patients may have a lot of questions about their care. Here’s a general list to start with before choosing treatment.

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