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Carer support systems

Understanding how much care a person needs, and who is best placed to help with that care, can take some research.

The following list can help you identify areas of care that you or the person you care for requires additional help or resources for.

Finding support

Select the number (on a scale of 1 to 3) that best describes your situation for each item or issue. You can total your scores if you wish to get an overview of your situation. Lower scores indicate less manageable situations, which may require additional support beyond the primary caregiver. Higher scores indicate situations that may be more readily managed.

Points to consider

For the care receiver and carer

  • There are no community support services available
  • There are some community support services available, such as transportation and meals
  • There is support ready and available to help with long-term care

For the care receiver and carer

  • There are no informal support groups available
  • There are inadequate informal support groups available
  • There are networks of informal support available through neighbours, family, friends or social groups

The person receiving care

  • Is reluctant to accept help from anyone
  • Is reluctant to accept help from anyone outside the family
  • Is open to accepting help from others

The person receiving care and primary carer

  • Are essentially cut off from participating in social or recreational activities
  • Are significantly restricted in participating in social or recreational activities
  • Are able to continue to participate in at least one important social or recreational activity

The primary carer

  • Is isolated from activities and relationships with significant others
  • Relationships outside the home are significantly restricted
  • Relationships with significant others can continue on a regular, if somewhat reduced, basis
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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on January 15, 2018

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