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Carers: Responsibilities and sharing the load

Sometimes the needs of a person being cared for are too much for one person to cope with.

Use this list as a starting point for discussions with other family members, friends and social services about sharing caring tasks.

  • Changing bedding
  • Giving a bath
  • Turning and repositioning
  • Getting to the shower or bath
  • Meeting bathroom needs
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Feeding breakfast
  • Feeding lunch
  • Feeding dinner
  • Preparing meals and snacks
  • Providing nursing care, exercise and therapy
  • Giving medications
  • Doing laundry
  • Food shopping and other essentials
  • Travel and attendance at doctor’s appointments
  • Managing finances
  • Researching community resources and support services
  • Managing the carer’s assessment
  • Home maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Car maintenance
  • Caring for other family members
  • Time out for social occasions
  • Other situation/specific needs/commitments
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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on January 15, 2018

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