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Carers: Help with physical care needs

If you’re caring for a loved one, the following list can help you identify the primary physical care needs of the person you care for.

Carers: Help with physical needs

Select the number - on a scale of 1 to 3 - that best describes your situation for each item or issue. You can total your scores if you wish to get an overview of your situation. Lower scores indicate less manageable situations, which may require additional support beyond the primary caregiver. Higher scores indicate situations that may be more readily managed.

The care receiver is usually:

  1. Confined to the bed
  2. Housebound, but not bedbound
  3. Able to get about on their own

The care receiver is:

  1. Not able to feed themselves
  2. Able to feed themselves, but needs supervising, coaching, or company
  3. Able to sit at the table for meals

The care receiver is:

  1. Not able to bathe themselves, or perform other routine care (shaving, dressing)
  2. Able to take a bath or shower, but requires support and assistance
  3. Able to independently wash, groom, and dress

The care receiver is:

  1. Not able to control their physical toileting needs
  2. Able to control their physical toileting needs, but requires assistance getting to and using the bathroom
  3. Able to independently get to and use the bathroom

The care receiver:

  1. Requires 20 hours or more personal care a week
  2. Requires between 10 and 20 hours personal care a week
  3. Requires less than 10 hours personal care a week

The care receiver is:

  1. Unable to think clearly, becomes confused easily
  2. Occasionally thinks clearly, sometimes seems confused
  3. Able to think clearly and make competent decisions
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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on December 15, 2017

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