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Healthy Christmas gifts

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

Christmas can be a time of over-indulgence and excess, so choosing a healthy gift for a loved one for them to enjoy in the New Year will often go down well.

Thoughts may turn to resolutions once the last strawberry crème has been scoffed and waistbands are feeling a little snug, so pick an appropriate present they can appreciate once the festivities are over.

Grown-ups, teens and children can all benefit from a healthy gift.

Get moving

There's masses of choice when it comes to gifts to benefit physical health. A bike is a classic Christmas present for a child, or maybe a skateboard or roller skates. How about a fold-up bike for a grown-up loved one to make their commute a little healthier?

Sports equipment is a good bet too, footballs, rugby balls, netballs are good choices, or how about a basketball net to be fixed to an outside wall. You might consider buying a set of dumbbells for strength training or a balance board to improve core strength and coordination. A simple skipping rope is a cheap and cheerful idea for the young or not so young!

Fashion this season is all about sports luxe, so perhaps buy some fitness clothes or get a voucher from a sports shop so they can choose their own. It's easier to start a new fitness regime if you've got the right gear to wear.

How about fitness gadgets? Perhaps a simple pedometer or heart rate monitor or a more complete activity tracker.

If you've got lots of cash to splash, buy annual gym membership or personal training sessions.

Stay chilled

There's more to health than hitting the gym, so a present to promote good mental health and relaxation often makes a welcome gift.

Book a mindfulness or yoga course for a loved one or purchase a yoga mat and a 'yoga for beginners' book to encourage newbies.

A spa treatment, like a massage, facial or pedicure, is a luxury gift that promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

To make a loved one feel happier in the dark days of winter, what about a light therapy lamp that mimics sunshine and helps keep the winter blues away?

Eat well

Many people's thoughts turn to healthy eating after the festivities are over, and there are no end of kitchen gadgets that will help people on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Blenders, juicers and smoothie makers will encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

A popcorn maker, food steamer or electronic grill that drains off fat, all promote healthier methods of cooking.

Cookery books aren't all about cakes and chocolate. There are plenty with healthy recipes too! Perhaps give the gift of a magazine subscription to a healthy eating or food magazine to inspire your loved one every month of the year.

What about buying a 3 month subscription for a vegetable box? Every week your friend will get a box with a variety of in-season vegetables.

Healthy skin and teeth

If you keep your teeth healthy, you're less likely to get gum disease, bad teeth and nasty breath. So buy your loved one an electric toothbrush to keep their pearly whites clean and healthy.

How about a beauty gadget like a deep cleansing system to get rid of impurities, or a skin treatment system to massage and lift through deep vibrations?

Facial or body exfoliators are good for sloughing off that dead winter skin to make your skin glow.

Reviewed on October 10, 2017

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