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Parenting & family

No two families are alike, and children don't come with instruction manuals. Learn what the experts have to say about common parenting questions and concerns.

For mums & dads

From sleeping through the night to which vaccines are right for your child, read the answers to the most common questions parents ask about babies and toddlers.

Raising teenagers can be tricky. Find answers to the most common questions parents ask about older children and teens.

See kids' top 14 worries and tips on how to calm them.

Read more about how mum can help her kid maintain a healthy body image.

How can you deal with the school-run chaos? Find out here.

Even if young children are already used to being in pre-school or nursery, there's more to preparing children for their first year at school than buying a school uniform.

What are the key ingredients to a happy family life?

It's never too soon to start encouraging confidence.

How do you go about encouraging imagination?

Childcare choices

If you are a parent who works, you will almost certainly need some kind of childcare.

Choosing the right nursery for your child can involve some big decisions.

One of the practical issues in returning to work or education after having a baby is arranging childcare.

Finding a babysitter you can trust can be a concern for many parents - here's what you need to consider.

Special situations

Read more about intercountry adoption options and special considerations.

Read what the experts say about coming home with your adopted child.

Read about legal, practical and social issues.

How does arguing impact the kids? Read more about children's health when parents argue all the time.

Divorce is one of the hardest times of a parent's life. Read more about how to help kids cope.

Living with a step parent requires work and flexibility on both sides of the equation. These are tips for older children on how to make the best of a new family situation.

One of the hardest conversations parents have with kids is explaining the death of a pet. Read more about what to say.

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