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Children's health: Finding help

This list offers links to resources online you can use to find more information and share your experiences.

Family Lives

Family Lives works to support parents and families with support workers, phone and online help.


Netmums is an online community with local sites covering the UK. It offers parenting information and tips.


BritMums is a large and influential parent blogging network with tips and discussions on many parenting topics.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

This charity raises money to help Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to provide world-class care for its young patients and their families, and to find new treatments for childhood illness.


This charity helps sick children and their families to manage serious illness and complex health conditions through care, support and research.


The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) is a charity set up by parents of twins, triplets and higher multiples, and health professionals. It is the only UK wide organisation that directly helps tens of thousands of people meet the unique challenges that multiple birth families face.

ERIC - Education and Resources for Improving Childhood continence

ERIC is a UK childhood continence charity working to improve the quality of life of children, young people and families in the UK who suffer from the consequences of childhood continence problems, including bedwetting.

Contact a Family

This charity provides support, advice and information for families with disabled children.

Little Princess Trust

A charity that provides very high quality wigs free of charge to children experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment.

The National Portage Association

The National Portage Association accredits portage home visitors for children with special educational needs and lists local services.

Care for the Family

This organisation provides parenting support to mums and dads throughout the UK through courses and information.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

The college has a major role in training and professional standards in paediatrics, issues guidance and conducts research.

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